Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Anniversary Waltz

Mills of the gods

My daughter was a ring tone from the musical "Rent". You know the one, "Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes". The minutes of a year. As of about 7:05 tonight, my wife and I will have been married Seventeen million three hundred forty four thousand eight hundred minutes.Any division of time you choose to measure the marriage by, it has been a long one. Yet it is amazing how fast it flies. It seems just minutes ago (and not 15.8 million minutes ago, we lived in a little 700 square foot apartment on Garrott Street in Houston, eating Hamburger Helper(when we could afford hamburger), Chicken Pot Pies, and trying to figure out ways to get our cars fixed.My wife had to spend over 2.5 million minutes watching me study and I spent close to a couple of million watching her do the same thing. But it was worth it, together we moved from a one bedroom to a two bedroom apartment after I finished law school and had all the room that two people could need. We lived like that for another six million minutes or so, traveling the country and part of the world when we could. I always thought that we got to do everything together that we had ever wanted to do.

Then, to the surprise of many, eight million minutes into the marriage or so, along came the daughter both of us wished for. Be careful what you wish for they say. But I could not have wished for or received anything better. While my wife never slept again as well as she had before the birth, her vigilance and worry has raised a remarkable daughter, despite my best efforts to mess things up. We are down to our last million minutes before the girl flies out of the nest for whereabouts as yet undecided.It will be hard on us, but not as hard as you might think. The two of us have already had a long marriage by ourselves, we can have another just as grand (as long as the daughter calls and e-mails now and then).

No one knows how many minutes they are given here.No one knows how many of those minutes will be good or bad. But I know this, I would not trade any of my minutes, those I have spent, or those I have still to spend, for anything in the world.There is no love like the love I have for my wife and I can't imagine spending even one minute without it, or without her.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Imelda Marcos of Austin

Mills of the gods

Our Assistant Office manager just walked down the hall wearing a pair of red shoes. I don't usually notice these things, but they were a nice color so I had to compliment her in a professional and non-harrassing manner.She told me that she had a lot od shoes. I said, "Like 20 pair" ? No, "like 100 pair" That's a lot of shoes. Not only would that take up a good portion of your living quarters, but it would be psychologically difficult to choose the right pair every day. I own three pairs of shoes, one of which is not appropriate for work, and it still takes me some time to decide on shoes each day. 100 pairs would overwhelm me.

I did not know a whole lot about women and their shoes until I started watching "Sex in the City". The main character in that show was a journalist who, based on what I know about journalist's salary and the New York rental market, spent every penny of her income every month on shoes and an apartment in Manhattan. She only ate (or paid for) one meal a week, a weekend brunch with her friends. I have noticed that our Assistant Office Manager is quite thin and seems to be getting thinner. I hope she is eating. You can't eat shoes (although Chaplin did in "The Gold Rush"). At any rate, I thought that it would be cool for her to have a shoe party and invite fifty women over (all of whom wear the same size shoe) to put on all the shoes at once and then take a big group picture, like a High School Senior graduating picture. Of course, all shoes would have to be visible which would be a photographic challange. Then she could have a sort of picture guide for her shoe selection each morning which would save her having to physcially search through all of those shoes. I may mention this to her later today.

I have never liked shoes, probably because I was the last child in my kindergarten class to learn to tie them. Even today, my shoes come untied more than any adult I know. I even talked to a shrink about it once. He felt that it was a resentment issue and that I was intentionally not paying enough attention to the tie job. Only recently have I figured out how to manipulate the laces so that the shoe strings on each side come out even. For years I walked around with a lace on each shoe longer, much longer, on one side than the other. This made the laces almost impossible to loop, exacerbating my shoe tie problem. The idea of having 100 pair (200 total shoes) would keep me up at night, tossing and turning, worrying about shoe choice and lace evenness. As a child, I used to have nightmares about a song they played on Captain Kangeroo, Willie the Spider. It was a song about children who hated tying their shoes. Willie had so many legs that he had a right to bitch about tying his shoes, but having only tow legs myself, I didn't. "Willie the Spider had too many legs,
he had dozens of shoes he had hung up on pegs.
So my later friend here's a lesson for you,
don't grumble each time that you put on your shoes."

Willie would have needed 400 pairs of shoes to have the same selection my friend has. Granted, spider shoes are smaller, but so are spider apartments.Maybe 100 pair is not so bad after all.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sorry christine

Mills of the gods

Peter Cook, 47 year old husband of former super model Christine Brinkely has issued a very contrite apology for his affair with his 18 year old personal assistant, Dianana Biancha. Calling the tryst "an aberration" (God, I hope so, how many other teenage girls would sleep with him ?) the suddenly sorrrowful Mr Cook was quoted as aying "I'm sorry, I'm contrite, I'm stupid, I'm foolish."The second half of the statement was unnecessary as there is no one in the public who did not already know that Mr Cook was "stupid" and foolish". No one needed to be reminded of those two facts. Lurking around the story is Diana Bianchi's lawyer, quoted as saying that the affair might amount to sexual harrasment. It might also involve prostitution and violations of the Mann Act, but those are stories for another day. This gives us hope that while Mr Cook, might possibly being be able to have the marriage ended quickly and quietly, will be caught up in a seedy civil suit which will entertain us for six months or so. Sort of a Koby Bryant type case with an arguably more sympathetic "wronged woman" and demonstarably more despicable sexual conduct on the part of the philandering husband. I forsee Billy Joel being in the gallary, offering support to the "uptown girl" and Christie, wearing a big hat, radiating both bravery AND glamour as the despairing world looks on.Of course, other "affairs" will come to light, one hopes involving both parties. While there may not be any more teenagers involved, I assume there will be a youngish pool boy and probably some out and out hookers, if I am any judge of Mr Cook. It is a prospect to be relished.

Tears for the Techniacl Virgin

Mills of the gods

PBS has fired Melanie Martinez, the host of their story time show for young children. Her crime was appearing on a couple of segments of Technical (7 years ago). Since she has been on PBS, the website had not been running her particular as, but,as all of us learn, nothing done over the internet (or even in internal biusiness e-mail) ever goes away. The old ads were pretty amusing, one was about anal sex and one was about a vibrator. Both were pitched at high scholl students to keep them away from teen pregnancy. They were inappropriate for Ms. Martinez current target ayusdiences (the 2-5 demographic) and PBS probably felt uncomfortable leaving her on camera every night with the various puppets she works with.

I have never seen Ms Martinez show, but it strikes me that none of her main audience would ever see the ads, much less understand them. I suppose that this is another tip of the hat to right wing Christians who, despite the constant demand of Jesus to do so, never seem to forgive. PBS is beholden to the Federal Government and they can't afford to make that government any madder at them than they usually are (which is pretty damn mad). This is like a McCarthy balck list. Are you now having or have you ever had sex, or mentioned it in public. Ms Martinez is as good as black listed from children's shows. Probably also from some other types of entertainment options.On the other hand, I'm sure Playboy has already contacted her about doing a spread, and she might get a guest shot on Satrurday Night Live, although I doubt it. So sorry Melanie, very sorry. I know that God forgives you, even if PBS does not.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Our d i v o r c e

Mills of the gods

The Lesbian couple from Massachusetts which was one of the primary Plaintiffs in the suit that gave gays the write to marry in that state has filed for divorce. While I am for gay marriage (why should gays be any less miserable than straights ?) I am sorry that a larger percentage of the population has to be subjected to divorce. Especially this couple, who wanted to get married so that their 10 year old could have a complete family. It would be tough on the child to be the focus of a lesbian marriage, but much tougher to be apart of a lesbian divorcee.

Having said all of this, I am reminded that many Lesbians do not want to be refered to as lesbians, but rather as "gay" or, to my surprise, "queer". As a child I was taught that the "q word" was just like the "n word" you simply did not use it. Now that the word has been taken on by the gay community, at least with some help from a popular T.V. show, it is being heard above the level of a guilty whisper. I still won't use it. I suspect that it is like the "n word", where certain people can use it and certain people can't. I suspect I am one that can't. Besides, old manners die hard. I just can't bring myself to say the word. I also open doors for ALL women and call every man I don't know "sir" and every woman I don't know "m'am". As I say, old manners die hard

It is instructive that on the very day that this happened, the North Carolina Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional, its statute which made it a crime for a man and woman to live together and engage in lewd acts. In other words, no shacking up. North Carolina has prosecuted more than thirty couple since 1995 for the violation of this act. The court held, pretty much like the U.S. Supreme Court did in the Texas anti-sodomy law case, that the state did not really have much of a right to regulate this kind of conduct among consenting adults in their own homes. Now there is some inspiration. That leaves only seven states with a foolish law like that still on the books. It will be interesting to note whether the state of North Carolian falls apart under the accumulated weight of the coming multitudes who will now exercise their rights to live in sin. North Carolian does not allow gay marriage, so we still have some sins that are more important than others. This is funny. The bible makes references to homosexualtiy about twice. But fornication, which North Carolian no longer forbids, is frowned upon throughout both testaments and, at least in its adulterous form,even made the list of the top ten sins which Moses brought down from Siani. Whatever God thinks about homosexuality, he did not put it upon the same level as not honoring your mother and father nor of coveting your "neighbor's man servant, maid servant,ox or ass. " Well that last word may be a little ambiguous. We will deal with that another time.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mimi 4 Governor

Mills of the gods

Former porn star Nini Demayo is running for the Republican nomination for Govrenor of Nevada. I liked her web site ! What really irritates me is not that a former porn star thinks she can be Governor of Nevada (based on experience in Texas, ANYONE can be Governor plus it is Nevada after all) but that she is running as a Republican. What an ingrate, what did the Republican Party ever do for the porn industry ? Good Democrats have been defending the Industry under the guise of freedom of expression for years against Republicans trying to shut it down Now Mimi turns to bite the hand that was feeding her.Being a Democrat, I am thoroughly outraged. If there is a party that deserves the support of every sleazy figure that has copulated on camera it is us. The nerve of her ! I suppose her argument is that she feels more comfortable in the Republcan Party, because they "screw everyone" anyway, much like she used to do.Well Mimi, that's just an expression
See how much help you get from the Christian right during the campaign. You need to come back to the Democratic party where you belong.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Presidential rubdown

Mills of the gods

Well I just saw the video of Presiddent Bush giving a surprise neck rub down to the (female) Prime Minister of Italy. I don't know what he was doing sneeking around behind her like that, maybe trying for a look down her cleavage. Is this guy insane ? Has he ever taken the White House sensitivity training for sexual harrasment. This kind of thing could get a fellow fired or sued in private industry, but he thinks it is o.k. to do to a national leader. I guess we should all be thankful that he did not grab her boobs. Can the status of the United States fall any lower ?

We are all infidels

Mills of the gods

A grocer in Iraq was killed yesterday while trying to recover a girl's head. The head had been booby trapped and when it was touched, a bomb went off, killing the grocer.No words, no matter how vile, which I could type this morning would begin to convey my revulsion at this despicable deed. No degree of fury I could sum up would be sufficent to convey the hatred I feel for the perpetrators of this unspeakable act.
No motive could possibly be worth this type of cowardice. No punisment, no matter how grizzly, could repay the monster behind this. It is true that Iraq has been brought to this state by a series of events involving Western Imperialism, Manical National Leadership, and perverted religious fundamentalism. But blaming the British or America values or Sadma Hussein or the battle between two factions of Islam is never going to be good enough. No matter how foolish Bush's decision to enter this war was, and it was unspeakably foolish, no one can blame him for this type of monstorus act. There is evil in the world, pure and simple. It springs from the selfishness of the individual and is often fed by group resentment and hatred.It makes me ashamed to be human.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A penny made is .4 pennies wasted

Mills of the gods

CNN reports that it costs 1.4 cents to make a penny. since no one likes pennies, why do we bother ?

Rancho Liborio

Mills of the gods

The citizens of Commerce City, Colorado (or at least a portion of them) are up in arms about the new supermarket, Rancho Liborio keeping and killing live chickesn on the premises, to better serve their customers. These chickens are kept in cages in a "climate controled room" where they are electrocuted every morning and then plucked and sold. According to Rancho Liborio, this is the way Latin Americans are used to buying their chickens and so since the store is trying to appeal to that group, they wanted to bring that particular part of the culture to Colorado.

I don't really see that it is any less humane shocking and plucking these chickens than disposing of them in some chicken slaughter facility in Arkansas. The chicken is just as dead. It might even suffer less. Certainly the meat will be fresher. Some of the citizens of Commerce City claim that they are against it because City law does not allow the keeping of live animals in stores of this kind and they wonder "where it will stop", implying, I suppose that cows will soon be kept on site and put to death in a similair manner. Actually, you would have to turn up the electricity a good deal to shock an Angus to death, but I suppose that thought is irrelevant for our purposes here.

As the news reports, this is clearly a "clash of cultures". Now Latin America has put up with our cultural invasions (and frankly, REAL invasions) of their countries for over a century now. We have occupied Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Mexico and Puerto Rico, among others with our military and our McDonalds. Maybe it is time that we saw how the other half lives. Bilions and Billions of chickens are slaughtered in the United States. I bet that, on average, every American eats 2-4 oz of chicken a day. We fry it, roast it, broil it and barbacue it. Let's electrocute it for awile and see how we like it. We may have something to learn after all.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The President and Oprah

Mills of the gods

CNN is having a hell of a day, their web site is running a video of our President saying "shit" to Tony Blair. As if that was not enough news for one day they also reported that Oprah and her friend Gayle are not gay.I don't know which is the better story.

I will say that it never crossed my mind that the President did not use the word "shit" from time to time. I use it a lot, most all of my friends use it, I even heard my 16 year old daughter say it once. I assume that if we kept an open mike on the President all the timw that we would hear a lot worse than 'shit". I was just proud that he used the expletive correctly. He is so syntaxed challanged, that you never know what is going to come out of his mouth. Why CNN thinks this is newsworthy is beyond me. Now Oprah and Gail announcing they are not gay, that is news worthy. I did not know who Gayle was until a couple of months ago I heard Kathy Griffin imply that there was something odd in the friendship between Gayle and Oprah. My wife explained to me who Gayle was and I have been moderatly interested in hearing any more gossip or inuendo about this ever since. Anyway, Oprha is quoted as saying that while they are not gay, there is something "otherwordly" about their friendship, implying strongly that God has something to do with their relationship. I understand how she feels. I feel that most of my friends were sent by God to me also, nothing else could explain them, they don't really seem human.Oprah's term "otherworldly" is right on the mark. My friends are "otherworldly".Come to think of it, the President has always struck me as "otherwordly" and not in a nice way either. A little like that character that the guy from Law and Order, Criminal Intent played in "Men in Black" with roaches running out of holes in his legs and that kind of thing. Saying "shit" at every opportunity, you get the picture.

Whether Oprah says "shit" or not, I don't know. We will just hgave to hope for an open mike.

War and Rumors of War

Mills of the gods

I was watching a movie on Saturday on T.V. (when I should have been doing something more productive). It was a piece of fluff musical starring Lucielle Ball and a bunch of people I had never seen (except I'd seen on of the guys in a Marx Brothers movie once). The thing that struck me about it was that it was made right in the middle of World War II. It reminded me that life goes on for most people, even during the worst of wars. I thought about that later when I was eating Mexican food at one of my favorite spots. Right now, people in Lebanon and Israel are living an actual nightmare while I am eating tamales like nothing is happening. I felt guilty about that until I realized that someday I would be in a miserable situation, like dying, and people would still be at this same place eating Mexican food and enjoying themselves.I think it is safe to say that over a billion people die during any idividuals life time. Great multiples of that suffer in ways most of us can't even imagine, but we keep eating and drinking. How many deaths really effect us in our lifetime ? If we are fortunate, no more than four or five. But even if we are unfortunate, probably no more than a dozen. How many wars personally effect us ? I have lived 53 years and not participated in or even seen armed conflict in person. Some people live it for a good part of their lives, Palestinians of the last 25 years come to mind. But those of us who don't witness the war tend top still live each day no differently than we would in the best of times. Let them eat cake said Marie Antoinneette. Pass the hot sauce said I.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mills of the gods

Mills of the gods

My daughter comes home tonight from a three week camp. She goes to another camp tomorrow for a week. I never went to camp as a child.She spends more than a third of her summers attending them. Since summer is the only time I am around her much, that is hard. But it is practice for the dreaded empty nest. Which coined the even more dreaded syndrome. This is misnamed by the way, a "syndrome"signifies "running together" like a confluence. In medicine, a syndrome is a number of symptoms characterizing one disease. The empty nest syndrome,as I understand it, is just being bummed out because your kids have left home. Over the last 10 years more and more of them are coming back and parents have been suffering from being unable to get their kids to "build their own nest". This is, of course, proof that no one is ever happy, there always has to be something to complain about, some syndrome or another. A shrink once told me that the happiest years in your life are "after the kids leave and the dog dies." I tend to doubt that, but at least it gives me some hope that the best is yet to come. Although it is tough sledding for the dog, I suppose.

The reaons that I am a bit doubtful of this is that ,once the kid is gone, you still worry about them (in this case her) just as much, but no you don't get the benefit of seeing them. You don't have to wonder if they completed their science project, because you no longer know if they have a science project. You get to imagine things (usually the worst) and then worry about that all the time.Maybe you start to worry less as evidence comes pouring in that they are competent to handle themselves. But that probably takes years to acknowldge. As my mother goes through her 81st year she still has doubts as to my competence, and probably with good reason.Let's face it. human beings as a species are "fuck ups", there really is no nicer or more accurate way to put it. Some fuck up less than others, but all fuck up. A parent, unlike a child, worries about those fuck ups. The child knows that he/she will get over it. The parent forgets how resiliant human beings are. They probably also feel guilty that somewhere deep down, this fuck up is really yet another manifestaion of their poor parenting. Which often it is. We all fuck up at that big time. But most of us do our best. And most children, I think, understand that. Most of the children do their best. That is harder to accept, they are always your children. Maybe the syndrome is inevitable, maybe not. I do know that the dog will die someday, so maybe the shrink is right.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sure Signs of Aging

Mills of the gods

I spent fifteen minutes of my morning looking for my glasses. I am very nearsighted and can't do anything without them, including finding them. It is frustrating to be so nearsighted that you need glasses to find your glasses. My wife finally found them (on the floor) and said, "boy it is going to be bad when you are old and can't find them". Well I am old and I could not find them, that was the point, no worry about the future, I'm there. And it's a downhill slide from here, looking for canes, hearing aids, getting hip replacements, the mind swims.Will I get arthritis so bad that I can't blog to complain about it ? Will I start to look like that old guy on the Simpsons ? Do I now look like that old guy on the Simpsons ?Unlike an illness, where you can hope to recover, you can't recover from age, you just keep going with the only alternative not being much to write home about either.It is no wonder old folks always seem to be in such a bad mood.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

High anxiety

Mills of the gods

My daughter called from camp at 12:30 last night in a highly anxious state.Something was going to happen the next day (today) that she did not want to do and she wanted to come home. It was easy to recognize the voice of anxiety, primarily because it resides within me a good deal of the time. Anxiety and I are old friends. Not real good friends, but old friends. He has helped me out on occassion so I can't turn my back on him, but on the whole, I do wish he would go away.

Anxiety is part of the "old brain" the one that told our ancestors (the ones who probably did not walk on two legs) to "fly or fight". It is still hard wired up there, and it competes with the rational thinking part of the brain that has come along since we crawled out of the promordial ooze. Without anxiety, you and I would not be here today. We would have looked on curiously at the saber tooth tiger that was closing in on us ,instead of running away or getting out a club to defend ourselves.Even today, it has some pretty darn good uses. But like the appendix, it most often presents itself as a problem.For me, a big problem.

Anxiety is nothing except the reification of our fear. It makes concrete for us, that which goes "bump in the night". I use the bump in the night term for the reason that night time anxieties are always the worst. Catastrophe can pile upon catastrophe at night and your rational self surrenders to the fear that envelopes it. It is always easier to fight fear in the light. That is actually the best advice to give someone that has anxiety. Turn on the light. Look at the issue as it really is, not as your ancestor the cave dweller perceived it. You will always have anxiety (unless you want to get run over by a car at the next cross walk) but remeber that anxiety is the evolutionary loser to the reasoning brain. The very reason we struggled to the top of the food chain is due in no small part to the fact that we have partially overcome it. So let's (and I am really telling myself this) switch on the light and face the fear for what it really is, not what we build it up to be. Evolution is depending on us !

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More headbutting

Mills of the gods

As I suspected, the world can not get enough of the headbutting incident at the world cup. Someone put together a video of all the dangerous and outlandish things the "headbuttee" has done over the years in an attempt to exonerate the "headbutter". This is like shooting someone and claiming as a defense that they guy once knocked someone else down. However, the British are going about it right. They hired and Italian lip reader to figure out what Mazzaretti (headbuttee) said that got him butted. Then they reported that there was an expletive that they could not repeat.How will we ever know ? Letterman reported that the "headbutter" had announced his retirementt so that he could spend more time headbutting his family. Some reporter in Baltimore wrote a history of headbutting, stating that the headbutting bar had been set very high by Curley of the Three Stooges. In one movie he butted a bull in the head and knocked it down. I suppose this will all eventually blow over. Nothing fun lasts forever.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Worlds most popular sport

Mills of the gods

Everyone told me how wonderful soccer is, so I watched a number of World Cup matches. I was gratified to see that France's greatest player let down his team by head butting one of the Italians in overtime and had to leave the game in disgrace. Fortunatly for him, only a little over one BILLION peoiple saw him do it live. I undersatnd this was the fellow's last game and so it will be a nice memory for his fans.

What could have caused such an idiotic thing to happen ? I don't read French or Italian (or much English) but it looked like some of the papers were saying that he, or his parents, had been called terrorists by one of the Italian players(the French player is from Algeria and had exploded before over references to that in games).Ah good old sportsmanship ! The fact the the game was played in the Olympic Staduium, in Berlin, where Adolf Hitler paraded his delusions of a master race, added a bit of racist nostalgia to the whole affair. We are all just one big happy family here on planet earth and it is great to have these kinds of festivals to bring us all together.I can't believe that we have to wait four years before we get to do this again !

The good news is that no matter how bad the blood gets between France and Italy over this, no real harm will come from it.With these two countries, any war would be over in a matter of hours, depending on who could surrender fastest. ViVA le futbol !

Friday, July 07, 2006

Mills of the gods

I am not scared of clowns

A clever bloggist I ran across was describing herself. Among the things that she felt identified her was that she had no fear of clowns.This struck me as an excellent title for her autobiography !

The reason I was interested in the statement is that I once took my daughter to a "Circus Museum" while visiting San Antonio. We waited about 30 minutes for a clown to come in to entertain us. When he did, my daughter took one look at him and busrt into a screaming fit. She is now a teenager and is still not crazy about clowns. You may remember the character of Krammer on "Seinfeld" had a fear of clowns.

I have always known that fear of clowns was somewhat common, but I did not know until yoday that it was a recognized phobia, Coulrophobia. In checking out the disorder (isf a phobia can be a disorder) I ran across several treatment centers for it. My favorite headlined "Imagine what your life would be like without fear of clowns" on its web site. Just imagine ,they say.Well sufferers of Coulrophobia may be few or many, I don't know. They may come in mild and severe cases(they probably do). Are there sufferers out there so fearful of clowns that they won't leave their homes for fear of running into Bozo on the streets ? I hope not. If all it means is that you stir clear of the circus, you are probably better off anyway,nothing good has happened to anyone at a circus since about the 1920s. I mean the Lion tamer either survives or he does not. The trapeeze artist falls, or she does not. It is a tough way to make a living. If you do your job perfectly, it is what everyone expects of you. If you make one little error, you die.There are other jobs like that, paratrooper, bomb defuser, but these are jobs the army gives you. Clowns, on the other hand seldom die on the job.Although rodeo clowns whose job is to get bulls away from fallen riders have it a little tougher.

The more I think about this phobia, the more it strikes me that it is probably not a fear of a clown, but a fear of a painted face that scares people. If I performed at a circus,doing clown tricks, but garbed in a suit I normally wear to court, would I scare anyone ? Probably not. On the other hand, if I painted my face and put on a red squeeky nose and then went to argue a case, would I panic a judge who happens to be Coulrophobic ? probably. My point is that the phobia is misnamed. "Clown" is a profession. My painting my face will not make me a clown, anymore than a clown arguing in court will make her a lawyer.So if you are Coulrophobic, I think it is time that you stood up to the fact that you are not afraid of clowns, only make up. This could be a key to a breakthrough. Best of luck.

Mills of the gods

Mills of the gods

For the first time in history there are more people alive than dead. In other words, the majority of people who have ever lived on the earth are alive today. There are about 6 billion people alive today so that means that we will eventually add six billion people to the rolls of the dead. If we continue to die at the present pace, how much will our popuulation growth have to slow down in order for the quantity of dead to catch up with the living ? Doesn't it seem to you that logically there should be more dead people than living people ? Wouldn't proper world balance require such a thing ?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

the cat came back

Once , when the world and I were young, I sang a song for a school musical called "the Cat came Back". It was a grusome song in a way, it involved all types of deaths met by a cat who, despite the gore, always came back the next day , no worse for wear. CNN is reporting today, and why they are doing so I am not sure, about a five week old kitten named "Chipper" who went through a wood chipper(I assume the cat was named after the accident) and after three major surgeries is not only surviving, but after one more operation, should be thriving.The story said not one word about how this kitten ended up in a wood chipper.I imagine that it was asleep inside when the machine was turned on, because no cat could stand the noise a wood chipper makes when chewing up wood, and so no cat would willingly enter a wood chipper going full speed. Of course, the cat could have entered in more sinister ways, but I presume that if it was thrown in, that would have been part of the story.It says a lot about this particular vet that he has performed all this free surgery on a homeless cat.

We are a very sensitive people when it comes to pets, in California the legislature has even mandated that what used to be pets are now "companions"which, in my mind, throws the issue of ownership up in the air. How can you own a companion ? He should come or go as he pleases. I believe that we are within five years of seeing dogs and cats put on life support and families having serious debates about when, and if, to pull the plug.The Federal government has already set up and paid for a group of retirement homes for aging chimps across the country.The bill sailed through both houses of Congress without a dissent and was signed by our resident Simian in Chief a couple of years ago. This means, of course, that there are retired chimps in this country living better than our homeless and better than some of our elderly.Maybe that's the way we want it. I have several friends who have spent thousands on hip surgery for their dogs, but they won't give a dime to charity.

At any rate, I wish Chipper, and whoever ends up with him the best of luck. Do you suppose if no one takes him he will be euthanized ? Ah, the ironies of life.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

cheating the hangman

So Ken Lay is dead. There can be no doubt that his demise is attributable to the stress of his last few years on earth, a criminal trial, a conviction. How should you feel ? Vindicated ? cheated of revenge? non plussed ? (although to say you are non plused implies you know what that means). I did not directly lose any money in that Enron debacle, although I knew people that lost everything, I mean everything.Putting Lay in jail would not have brought it back. His death certainly does not.Maybe it gives people a feeling than Justice was done, an eye for an eye. Maybe people are mad that he died in a vacation home in Aspen, and not in jail after being sodomized by some big con. I don't know. I do know that I can be quite resentful and if I had lost my retirement money because of a lot of human greed by a few high salaried Enron plutocrats, I would have given the question of his death a lot of thought.The capacity to forgive is much easier when you are advising someone else and not making the decision yourself.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Four day weekends.

I think it may be time for Congrees to knuckle under and start creating four day holidays. I can't get anyone on the phone today, why work ? Everyone else is out on the lake.