Thursday, July 06, 2006

the cat came back

Once , when the world and I were young, I sang a song for a school musical called "the Cat came Back". It was a grusome song in a way, it involved all types of deaths met by a cat who, despite the gore, always came back the next day , no worse for wear. CNN is reporting today, and why they are doing so I am not sure, about a five week old kitten named "Chipper" who went through a wood chipper(I assume the cat was named after the accident) and after three major surgeries is not only surviving, but after one more operation, should be thriving.The story said not one word about how this kitten ended up in a wood chipper.I imagine that it was asleep inside when the machine was turned on, because no cat could stand the noise a wood chipper makes when chewing up wood, and so no cat would willingly enter a wood chipper going full speed. Of course, the cat could have entered in more sinister ways, but I presume that if it was thrown in, that would have been part of the story.It says a lot about this particular vet that he has performed all this free surgery on a homeless cat.

We are a very sensitive people when it comes to pets, in California the legislature has even mandated that what used to be pets are now "companions"which, in my mind, throws the issue of ownership up in the air. How can you own a companion ? He should come or go as he pleases. I believe that we are within five years of seeing dogs and cats put on life support and families having serious debates about when, and if, to pull the plug.The Federal government has already set up and paid for a group of retirement homes for aging chimps across the country.The bill sailed through both houses of Congress without a dissent and was signed by our resident Simian in Chief a couple of years ago. This means, of course, that there are retired chimps in this country living better than our homeless and better than some of our elderly.Maybe that's the way we want it. I have several friends who have spent thousands on hip surgery for their dogs, but they won't give a dime to charity.

At any rate, I wish Chipper, and whoever ends up with him the best of luck. Do you suppose if no one takes him he will be euthanized ? Ah, the ironies of life.


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