Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mimi 4 Governor

Mills of the gods

Former porn star Nini Demayo is running for the Republican nomination for Govrenor of Nevada. I liked her web site ! What really irritates me is not that a former porn star thinks she can be Governor of Nevada (based on experience in Texas, ANYONE can be Governor plus it is Nevada after all) but that she is running as a Republican. What an ingrate, what did the Republican Party ever do for the porn industry ? Good Democrats have been defending the Industry under the guise of freedom of expression for years against Republicans trying to shut it down Now Mimi turns to bite the hand that was feeding her.Being a Democrat, I am thoroughly outraged. If there is a party that deserves the support of every sleazy figure that has copulated on camera it is us. The nerve of her ! I suppose her argument is that she feels more comfortable in the Republcan Party, because they "screw everyone" anyway, much like she used to do.Well Mimi, that's just an expression
See how much help you get from the Christian right during the campaign. You need to come back to the Democratic party where you belong.


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