Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More headbutting

Mills of the gods

As I suspected, the world can not get enough of the headbutting incident at the world cup. Someone put together a video of all the dangerous and outlandish things the "headbuttee" has done over the years in an attempt to exonerate the "headbutter". This is like shooting someone and claiming as a defense that they guy once knocked someone else down. However, the British are going about it right. They hired and Italian lip reader to figure out what Mazzaretti (headbuttee) said that got him butted. Then they reported that there was an expletive that they could not repeat.How will we ever know ? Letterman reported that the "headbutter" had announced his retirementt so that he could spend more time headbutting his family. Some reporter in Baltimore wrote a history of headbutting, stating that the headbutting bar had been set very high by Curley of the Three Stooges. In one movie he butted a bull in the head and knocked it down. I suppose this will all eventually blow over. Nothing fun lasts forever.


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