Friday, July 21, 2006

Our d i v o r c e

Mills of the gods

The Lesbian couple from Massachusetts which was one of the primary Plaintiffs in the suit that gave gays the write to marry in that state has filed for divorce. While I am for gay marriage (why should gays be any less miserable than straights ?) I am sorry that a larger percentage of the population has to be subjected to divorce. Especially this couple, who wanted to get married so that their 10 year old could have a complete family. It would be tough on the child to be the focus of a lesbian marriage, but much tougher to be apart of a lesbian divorcee.

Having said all of this, I am reminded that many Lesbians do not want to be refered to as lesbians, but rather as "gay" or, to my surprise, "queer". As a child I was taught that the "q word" was just like the "n word" you simply did not use it. Now that the word has been taken on by the gay community, at least with some help from a popular T.V. show, it is being heard above the level of a guilty whisper. I still won't use it. I suspect that it is like the "n word", where certain people can use it and certain people can't. I suspect I am one that can't. Besides, old manners die hard. I just can't bring myself to say the word. I also open doors for ALL women and call every man I don't know "sir" and every woman I don't know "m'am". As I say, old manners die hard

It is instructive that on the very day that this happened, the North Carolina Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional, its statute which made it a crime for a man and woman to live together and engage in lewd acts. In other words, no shacking up. North Carolina has prosecuted more than thirty couple since 1995 for the violation of this act. The court held, pretty much like the U.S. Supreme Court did in the Texas anti-sodomy law case, that the state did not really have much of a right to regulate this kind of conduct among consenting adults in their own homes. Now there is some inspiration. That leaves only seven states with a foolish law like that still on the books. It will be interesting to note whether the state of North Carolian falls apart under the accumulated weight of the coming multitudes who will now exercise their rights to live in sin. North Carolian does not allow gay marriage, so we still have some sins that are more important than others. This is funny. The bible makes references to homosexualtiy about twice. But fornication, which North Carolian no longer forbids, is frowned upon throughout both testaments and, at least in its adulterous form,even made the list of the top ten sins which Moses brought down from Siani. Whatever God thinks about homosexuality, he did not put it upon the same level as not honoring your mother and father nor of coveting your "neighbor's man servant, maid servant,ox or ass. " Well that last word may be a little ambiguous. We will deal with that another time.


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