Monday, July 17, 2006

The President and Oprah

Mills of the gods

CNN is having a hell of a day, their web site is running a video of our President saying "shit" to Tony Blair. As if that was not enough news for one day they also reported that Oprah and her friend Gayle are not gay.I don't know which is the better story.

I will say that it never crossed my mind that the President did not use the word "shit" from time to time. I use it a lot, most all of my friends use it, I even heard my 16 year old daughter say it once. I assume that if we kept an open mike on the President all the timw that we would hear a lot worse than 'shit". I was just proud that he used the expletive correctly. He is so syntaxed challanged, that you never know what is going to come out of his mouth. Why CNN thinks this is newsworthy is beyond me. Now Oprah and Gail announcing they are not gay, that is news worthy. I did not know who Gayle was until a couple of months ago I heard Kathy Griffin imply that there was something odd in the friendship between Gayle and Oprah. My wife explained to me who Gayle was and I have been moderatly interested in hearing any more gossip or inuendo about this ever since. Anyway, Oprha is quoted as saying that while they are not gay, there is something "otherwordly" about their friendship, implying strongly that God has something to do with their relationship. I understand how she feels. I feel that most of my friends were sent by God to me also, nothing else could explain them, they don't really seem human.Oprah's term "otherworldly" is right on the mark. My friends are "otherworldly".Come to think of it, the President has always struck me as "otherwordly" and not in a nice way either. A little like that character that the guy from Law and Order, Criminal Intent played in "Men in Black" with roaches running out of holes in his legs and that kind of thing. Saying "shit" at every opportunity, you get the picture.

Whether Oprah says "shit" or not, I don't know. We will just hgave to hope for an open mike.


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