Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rancho Liborio

Mills of the gods

The citizens of Commerce City, Colorado (or at least a portion of them) are up in arms about the new supermarket, Rancho Liborio keeping and killing live chickesn on the premises, to better serve their customers. These chickens are kept in cages in a "climate controled room" where they are electrocuted every morning and then plucked and sold. According to Rancho Liborio, this is the way Latin Americans are used to buying their chickens and so since the store is trying to appeal to that group, they wanted to bring that particular part of the culture to Colorado.

I don't really see that it is any less humane shocking and plucking these chickens than disposing of them in some chicken slaughter facility in Arkansas. The chicken is just as dead. It might even suffer less. Certainly the meat will be fresher. Some of the citizens of Commerce City claim that they are against it because City law does not allow the keeping of live animals in stores of this kind and they wonder "where it will stop", implying, I suppose that cows will soon be kept on site and put to death in a similair manner. Actually, you would have to turn up the electricity a good deal to shock an Angus to death, but I suppose that thought is irrelevant for our purposes here.

As the news reports, this is clearly a "clash of cultures". Now Latin America has put up with our cultural invasions (and frankly, REAL invasions) of their countries for over a century now. We have occupied Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Mexico and Puerto Rico, among others with our military and our McDonalds. Maybe it is time that we saw how the other half lives. Bilions and Billions of chickens are slaughtered in the United States. I bet that, on average, every American eats 2-4 oz of chicken a day. We fry it, roast it, broil it and barbacue it. Let's electrocute it for awile and see how we like it. We may have something to learn after all.


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