Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sorry christine

Mills of the gods

Peter Cook, 47 year old husband of former super model Christine Brinkely has issued a very contrite apology for his affair with his 18 year old personal assistant, Dianana Biancha. Calling the tryst "an aberration" (God, I hope so, how many other teenage girls would sleep with him ?) the suddenly sorrrowful Mr Cook was quoted as aying "I'm sorry, I'm contrite, I'm stupid, I'm foolish."The second half of the statement was unnecessary as there is no one in the public who did not already know that Mr Cook was "stupid" and foolish". No one needed to be reminded of those two facts. Lurking around the story is Diana Bianchi's lawyer, quoted as saying that the affair might amount to sexual harrasment. It might also involve prostitution and violations of the Mann Act, but those are stories for another day. This gives us hope that while Mr Cook, might possibly being be able to have the marriage ended quickly and quietly, will be caught up in a seedy civil suit which will entertain us for six months or so. Sort of a Koby Bryant type case with an arguably more sympathetic "wronged woman" and demonstarably more despicable sexual conduct on the part of the philandering husband. I forsee Billy Joel being in the gallary, offering support to the "uptown girl" and Christie, wearing a big hat, radiating both bravery AND glamour as the despairing world looks on.Of course, other "affairs" will come to light, one hopes involving both parties. While there may not be any more teenagers involved, I assume there will be a youngish pool boy and probably some out and out hookers, if I am any judge of Mr Cook. It is a prospect to be relished.


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