Friday, July 14, 2006

Sure Signs of Aging

Mills of the gods

I spent fifteen minutes of my morning looking for my glasses. I am very nearsighted and can't do anything without them, including finding them. It is frustrating to be so nearsighted that you need glasses to find your glasses. My wife finally found them (on the floor) and said, "boy it is going to be bad when you are old and can't find them". Well I am old and I could not find them, that was the point, no worry about the future, I'm there. And it's a downhill slide from here, looking for canes, hearing aids, getting hip replacements, the mind swims.Will I get arthritis so bad that I can't blog to complain about it ? Will I start to look like that old guy on the Simpsons ? Do I now look like that old guy on the Simpsons ?Unlike an illness, where you can hope to recover, you can't recover from age, you just keep going with the only alternative not being much to write home about either.It is no wonder old folks always seem to be in such a bad mood.


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