Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tears for the Techniacl Virgin

Mills of the gods

PBS has fired Melanie Martinez, the host of their story time show for young children. Her crime was appearing on a couple of segments of Technical Virgin.com (7 years ago). Since she has been on PBS, the website had not been running her particular as, but,as all of us learn, nothing done over the internet (or even in internal biusiness e-mail) ever goes away. The old ads were pretty amusing, one was about anal sex and one was about a vibrator. Both were pitched at high scholl students to keep them away from teen pregnancy. They were inappropriate for Ms. Martinez current target ayusdiences (the 2-5 demographic) and PBS probably felt uncomfortable leaving her on camera every night with the various puppets she works with.

I have never seen Ms Martinez show, but it strikes me that none of her main audience would ever see the ads, much less understand them. I suppose that this is another tip of the hat to right wing Christians who, despite the constant demand of Jesus to do so, never seem to forgive. PBS is beholden to the Federal Government and they can't afford to make that government any madder at them than they usually are (which is pretty damn mad). This is like a McCarthy balck list. Are you now having or have you ever had sex, or mentioned it in public. Ms Martinez is as good as black listed from children's shows. Probably also from some other types of entertainment options.On the other hand, I'm sure Playboy has already contacted her about doing a spread, and she might get a guest shot on Satrurday Night Live, although I doubt it. So sorry Melanie, very sorry. I know that God forgives you, even if PBS does not.


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