Monday, July 17, 2006

War and Rumors of War

Mills of the gods

I was watching a movie on Saturday on T.V. (when I should have been doing something more productive). It was a piece of fluff musical starring Lucielle Ball and a bunch of people I had never seen (except I'd seen on of the guys in a Marx Brothers movie once). The thing that struck me about it was that it was made right in the middle of World War II. It reminded me that life goes on for most people, even during the worst of wars. I thought about that later when I was eating Mexican food at one of my favorite spots. Right now, people in Lebanon and Israel are living an actual nightmare while I am eating tamales like nothing is happening. I felt guilty about that until I realized that someday I would be in a miserable situation, like dying, and people would still be at this same place eating Mexican food and enjoying themselves.I think it is safe to say that over a billion people die during any idividuals life time. Great multiples of that suffer in ways most of us can't even imagine, but we keep eating and drinking. How many deaths really effect us in our lifetime ? If we are fortunate, no more than four or five. But even if we are unfortunate, probably no more than a dozen. How many wars personally effect us ? I have lived 53 years and not participated in or even seen armed conflict in person. Some people live it for a good part of their lives, Palestinians of the last 25 years come to mind. But those of us who don't witness the war tend top still live each day no differently than we would in the best of times. Let them eat cake said Marie Antoinneette. Pass the hot sauce said I.


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