Monday, July 10, 2006

Worlds most popular sport

Mills of the gods

Everyone told me how wonderful soccer is, so I watched a number of World Cup matches. I was gratified to see that France's greatest player let down his team by head butting one of the Italians in overtime and had to leave the game in disgrace. Fortunatly for him, only a little over one BILLION peoiple saw him do it live. I undersatnd this was the fellow's last game and so it will be a nice memory for his fans.

What could have caused such an idiotic thing to happen ? I don't read French or Italian (or much English) but it looked like some of the papers were saying that he, or his parents, had been called terrorists by one of the Italian players(the French player is from Algeria and had exploded before over references to that in games).Ah good old sportsmanship ! The fact the the game was played in the Olympic Staduium, in Berlin, where Adolf Hitler paraded his delusions of a master race, added a bit of racist nostalgia to the whole affair. We are all just one big happy family here on planet earth and it is great to have these kinds of festivals to bring us all together.I can't believe that we have to wait four years before we get to do this again !

The good news is that no matter how bad the blood gets between France and Italy over this, no real harm will come from it.With these two countries, any war would be over in a matter of hours, depending on who could surrender fastest. ViVA le futbol !


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