Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Big Love in the Big House

Mills of the gods

Warren Steed Jeffs, the world's "most wanted polygamist" was captured yesterday by a state trooper in Nevada. The Trooper felt that some major crime was "afoot" (who was this guy, Sherlock Holmes ?) when he saw Mr Jeffs sitting in the back of the car, eating a salad, with his "carotid artery pumping". As I sit here, my carotid artery is pumping,if pumping is the correct term, if you are reading this, so is yours. If blood is not moving through your carotid artery, the odds are pretty good that you are dead. But in Nevada, if your carotid artery is working it is a sign that you are a criminal, maybe the world's biggest polygamist.Now actually, there are two carotid arteries, one of the left side and one on the right side of your neck.I am not sure which one set the Trooper to thinking "Polygamist!"when he saw Mr Jeffs munching on his salad.

Now none of this is to defend Mr Jeffs, who is perhaps a world class creep. He has been indicted for arranging marriages of underage girls to members of his church. I assume that the creepiness of that line of action is enough to satisfy anyone that he is not someone you'd want taking your 13 year old daughter on a church camping trip. But the real reason the Feds and Nevada's finest were after Jeffs was because he heads the largest polygamous group in the United States. Everyone who watches "Big Love" on TV is familair with the character "the Prophet". Jetts is that sort, with at least one hyper actvie carotid artery. I like most of the polymagomists on "Big Love". They are hard working people who just want to be left alone with their wives and children. But "the Prophet" on that show is a bad egg. He is married to many women, at least one of which appears to be about 14. I think Polygamy is like anything else. If it was out in the open, and people were not forced into hiding, it would probably not have many of the negative aspects it has developed. There are good reasons why the state should not allow polygamy, and damn few that I can think of as to why it should be legal. The main argument against it is the cost of college. I can't imagine paying tuition for 10 or 12 kids by 4 or 5 wives. It is hard enough to save up for one.It is stressful ! You should see my carotid artery.


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