Monday, August 07, 2006


Mills of the gods

I see where Madonna is having her self crucified in her latest concert tour, complete with a cross and a crown of thorns. She did it in Rome yesterday after inviting the Pope to come view it. I guess some lapsed Catholics still have a lot of anger to deal with. Maybe Madonna was molested as a child by a Priest. Maybe she has suffered because of that Church's stands on abortion and/or contraception. Or maybe she simply knows what sells tickets to a concert.Wonder what Mel Gibson thinks of all of this ? I guess we won't hear from him ,as he is in rehab dealing with his problem. I did not know that they had rehab for anti-semites, but it is a good idea. Are all the meals Kosher ? Between Mel and Madonna we now have a good deal of the religious community up in arms. I have not heard much from the Protestants on this, but they are all probably too busy waiting for the rapture now that the fighting in the Middle East has intensified. Do you think they are advising Bush to work against a cease fire because to do so would forstall the second coming ? Perhaps Madonna is the Anti-Christ and all the propehcies are coming together ?


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