Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Every Dog Has his Day

Mills of the gods

Before we get started, lets us take a moment and ask opurselves one more time why an American in Thailand could confess to a pedophile type murder which took place 10 years ago in a city a thousand miles from where the confessor was living at the time ? Pause

Now to the real news out of HotHot, Mongolia. Yes, HotHot. Maybe the greatest name for a captol city ever. Wouldn't you love to be a TV weather guy in HotHot ? A headline writer for the local newspaper ? Well HotHOt had a traffic accident yesterday, the negligent driver was a dog. A woman named Li said that her dog was fond of crouching over the steering wheel while she drove and so decided to give the dog a "driving lesson". The lesson did not last very long before the unnamed dog crashed into an oncoming car. Thee were no fatalities or injuries. We can be sure that the woman's auto insurance premiums wil skyrocket now that she has a dog on the policy, and one that has already had an accident.

There was no word about the kind of dog Ms. Li was teaching to drive.I assume that the dog was at least big enough to reach the steering wheel and see out of the front window. Although how it pushed the accelerator is beyond me. Maybe it was a car made especially for dogs. They may have those now in Mongolia. The biggest concern that arises out of all of this is the price of oil. Pressures on oil markets caused by Chinese human beings has caused large rises in oil futures. But if every dog in China is going to start driving, we are talking about $50.00 a gallon gasoline. There are 1.3 billion people in China. I assume that there at at least hundreds of milions of dogs, all certainly as capable as Ms. Li's dog of learning to drive. There is not going to be very much oil left for anyone else, even if american dogs don't start to drive, and I don't know why they would not. American dogs are every bit as capable as Chinese dogs. I'd put my goldern retriever behind the wheel a lot sooner than I would any number of my daughter's teenage friends. You'd have to keep the driver side window closed or she would jump out, but that should not be a problem. I may take her out for her first lesson this afternoon.


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