Monday, August 14, 2006

The fate of Pluto

Mills of the gods

2500 astronomers are meeting in Prauge this week to try to work out a definition of planets. This upsets me. Even though they are astronomers, I don't understand why that gives them the right to tell me what is a planet and what is not a planet. If 2500 botanists met and decided that apples were not fruits, but vegetables, I would not pay any attention to them. why should I pay attention to these guys ?

All of this is part of a plot to get Pluto removed from the planet list. Astronomers have been trying to do this for 75 years. Well I for one, say leave Pluto alone. So it's small, so it's orbit is odd, so it is far away, it has a couple of moons ! How can something that has moons not be a planet ? If it is not a planet, then the two objects revolving around it can not be moons ! What the hell are they then ? chopped Liver ? If Pluto is not a Planet, do you realize how many "science projects" of our solar system, made over the past three quarters of a century will have to be regraded ? You can't have an A if you have got an extra planet up there. besides, Pluto was one of the easier plantes to recall when given a science test on the solar system. I recall one test where I forgot Neptune and Uranus, but I never forgot Pluto, the only planet named after a cartoon character.

How I forgot Uranus I'll never know. If there's one thing I should remember, it's Uranus. That planet has been the butt of all planetary jokes since its discovery. If they are going to drop a planet, they ought to drop Uranus. But they won't, because then the 2500 astronomers could not make Uranus jokes at their convention. So they will go after Pluto, harmless little Pluto sitting out there in the Kuiper belt, in all of its icy dwarfishness, never causing any trouble. That is what they want to call it now, an "icy dwarf" The whole name is politically incorrect, they will have to change it to icy "little person" and once they do that it will confuse everyone. "Look, there's Pluto, the Icy Little Person."Can't wait to see the sol;ar system models then.


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