Friday, August 25, 2006

If Ramses could talk

Mills of the gods

The 3200 year old giant statue of Ramses was moved yesterday from a traffic congested area of Cairo to a spot closer to the Pyramids. The head of antiguities in Egypt was quoted as saying, "I think that if Ramses could talk today he would say thank you for moving me". What he would probably say is why the hell do you keep moving me ? After sitting around the Ancient Egyptian city of Memphis for over 3,ooo years, the modern Eqyptian government has moved Ramses twice. This is a bit like deciding that Ms. Liberty was tired of the congestion in New York Harbor and moving her over nearer the Empire State Building, then a few years later moving er over to Long Island for the sea breezes.

The mention in my bolg yesterday of the hanging Gardens of Babylon got several of us talking about the seven wonders of the ancient world. None of us could recall all seven. I recalled six, but upon checking, one was wrong. I defy anyone to recall that the Mausoleum at Halicannassus is one of the seven wonders of the world. I defy anyone to tell me who was entombed there of even where the hell Halicannassus is (was). As you might expect, the easiest place to see what is left of the great building is the British Museum, where several statues from the wonder stolen by the English now reside. While there, be sure to look at the portions of the Parthenon that they looted.

There is always one name on a list that gets lost in the shuffle. In my experience, the seven dwarves of Snow White fame are easily named until you get to number seven. Everyone forgets "Bashful" because Doc was the lead dwarf and everyone else had a name that ended with y. So you sit around for hours (that is if your life is as exciting as mine) and try to think of descriptive names with y endings (someone always says "Horny").

My father was the last of nine children. He said his mother used to run through several of his brothers names when yelling at him before finally recalling which one he was.Most non Mormon families are not that large anymore so that is probably no longer much of a problem.

But the good people of Halicanassus probably thought that no one would ever forget their Mausoleum.


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