Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mike Douglas

Mills of the gods

So Mike douglas is dead, and everyone under 35 says, who ? Mike was an afternoon talk show host beteen the 60s and the 80s. He was in syndication and , this was sort of an early day Oprah or Tony Danza (if that show is still on). He had a guest host for the week and that was sometimes mildly entertaining. His work with John and Oko was somewhat famous at the time because they were the antithesis of everything mike sttod for. Actually, I never liked his show as well as that of his afternoon rival Merv Griffin. Merv's greatest moment was calling down Joan Baez for referring to Richard Nixon, then the President of the United States, as "mentally retarded". Joan was wrong about that, but "psychotic" might have passed muster.

Anyway, I had to go to two funerals last week and I am really starting to feel old. Imagine that you are in your 20s now and in 40 years Oprah Winfrey dies, and all the young people you know say, who was that ? It makes you feel irrelevant. It makes you double your VH-1 viewing so that you can at least understand somethings people are talking about, even if you are still three or four steps behind. I watched some show on VH-1 celebtating the 90s this week, hell that stuff just happened !How can you make nostalgia out of that ?


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