Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mills of the gods

One small step for oops.................

I was proud to read this morning that NASA has lost 700 boxes of the original recordings of the Apollo Moon landings (anyone check e-bay ?). I am glad to see that this country works just like my house, where valuable items are tossed in a box or a junk drawer so that they can not be retrieved when they are really needed. You would think that the original tape of the first moon landing would have been sent to the Smithsonian. People that know how to keep things in order. But no, it was just thrown in a box. If the tapes are anything like normal tapes of this kind, they are probably in the process of disintegration.

What does bother me about this is that it gives credence to all of those crackpots that say we never really went to the moon in the first place. Where are the original tapes to prove it ? "Uh, we lost them" or better, " My dog ate our moon tapes".How do we know that the whole thing was not produced on a sound stage in the Mojave desert ?

Perhaps they will turn up. Things like that usually do. Before the days when you printed airline tickets off of the internet, I used to lose them in my office with great regularity. I would call the airline panic stricken and I was always told "they usually turn up" and they usually did. So keep looking NASA, I may send my wife to help you. she can't go to sleep until a missing item is found, no matter how unimportant the item. She comes with her own flashlight, and everyone there better be prepared to help her and not watch TV or read while the search is on.Anyway, good luck NASA and remember, you always find it in the last place you look.


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