Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mills of the gods

Not JonBennet

It is JonBennet all day. I did not follow the story for the first ten years, so I should not write about it now. Although I will say that America has a new face of creepiness if these pictures of the suspect from Thailand are accurate. The poor fellow (perhaps soon to be dead fellow) certainly seems to have pedophile written all over him. Have you ever wondered about these guys who look like they could be nothing but criminals ? did anyone ever willingly wait on Charles Manson at a department store ? Men can just look evil. women don't, people say they look slutty, which is the female insult which somewhat coincides with the male "creepy", although they mean two very different things.Women are always criticizing other women for looking slutty. When was the last time you thought a man looked slutty ? When was the last time you said, "you can just tell from that womans face that she is a mass murderer ?" I personally think that there are lots of women murderers walking around, but no on suspects them because they don't appear to be evil. They just blend in with all the other women in the world.The murder rate clearance in the United States is probably still about 66%. In other words, a third of the murders in the U.S. are unsolved (this is not too bad, your chances of getting away with murder in Guayna are better than 9 out of 10). So if a third of the murder rate is unsolved, could it be that most of these people are women ? Men get picked up on suspicion all the time, at least on television. Women never get hauled down to the station for questioning on these shows.Although hookers get badgered for what they know, again, because they look like sluts I guess. Women are only the murderers on T.V. when it is a last minute surprise ending. "Oh my God, you mean that it was her ?" Usually they try to throw you off on those shows with a particularly creepy looking male suspect who lurks around the show for the first 45 minutes. In fact, I think that we get our views on what looks creepy from T.V. shows. Before T.V. ,Charlie Manson would have probably looked like just another dude who needed a shave.


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