Monday, August 21, 2006

Real News

Mills of the gods

The editors of the major newspapers in the country struggled last night with what the headlines should be. On the one hand, it is now clear that Iran is going to go ahead with its fuel enrichment program as they merrily waltz down the path to manufacturing plutonium weapons. On the other hand, Jon Mark Karr flew home from Thailand, literally eating pate and sipping champagne in business class. Cable news networks now report that he was in Thailand seeking a sex change (to what ?) which is just another little interesting tidbit for us all to chew on. He was allowed to do his bright red shirt and tie, as well as brush his hair (according to his escorts) before facing the cameras and the United States Customs service (regarding his passport revocation). He will go to jail on his parole violation and actually may find some prison activities vfery much to his liking.

So what would you rather read about with your morning coffee ? The potential nuclear destruction of the middle east or the bizzare criminal/sexual ambiguities of a fellow American citizen who may, or may not be lying about his role in the death of a child ten years ago. You are a loser any way you go.The days of good news appear to be over for awhile. Ah for the days when all we had to worry about was fellatio in the Oval Office.


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