Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sobering news

Mills of the gods

A Las Vegas Judge declared a mistrial in a kidnapping case yesterday because he suspected that the defense lawyer was drunk. The lawyer claimed to have a head injury but then said he had been drinking the night before. He also apparently implied that the woman with him was a long time girl friend and she turned out to be a woman he had met twenty minutes before in a "Bar/coffee shop". We don't have those in Texas, a real advantage in Vegas.

The Judge, of course, made too much of this.I have known many trial lawyers who were better drunk than most lawyers are when sober.There is no inherent disadvantage to a kidnapper (uh, alleged kidnapper) being defended by a drunk lawyer, if he was drunk, and the proof of drunkeness looks pretty slim to me. His blood alcohol content would have let him legally drive. He was slurring his words (sure he'd probably been out all night, that's not a crime) and the fact that he lied about his woman companion puts him in the company of about 50% of the trial lawyers I know. What's the big deal ?


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