Friday, August 11, 2006

Trials of the Sexually Deviant

Mills of the gods

A local Federal Judge is resisting accepting a plea of guilty from a 20 year old college student charged with obtaining and distributing child pornography. Since I have not heard that the young man is selling the stuff, I assume that "distributing" means forwarding child pornography over the internet to like minded people.The FBI raided his house and found a bunch of pictures on his hard drive.It is pretty unusual for a Judge to not accept a guilty plea in Federal court. The real sticky issue in the case is that the boy is the son of a former state Supreme Court Judge in Texas. I assume the two Judges know each other (I have met and practiced before both of them, I don't know how they would not know each other). So there will be cries of favoritism if the young man ends up somehow walking this. I have to say though, this is an upsetting situation. If the boy has some type of obsessive compulsive pornography habit for which he can seek help for, and if his crimes are limited to looking at pictures and forwarding to "friends", is the country better off by following Federal Sentencing guidelines and sending him to prison for seven years and then making him register as a sex offender for the rest of his life ? I keep hearing that you can't cure pedophiles, but does that apply to pornographic viewers and well as little boy sodomizers ? Nothing is more despicable than child pornography. It should not be protected by the first amendment because every picture necesssarily involves the abuse of an individual who has not reached the age of consent. No one can defend it to me in any way, shape or form. Does that mean that every college student who looks at it, and passes it on needs to go to the Federal Penitentiary for years and have his life ended by having to register as a sex offender ? It just seems like a harder question to answer than the law makes it.I have sympathy for the Federal Judge who has to make the call.


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