Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Keeping your mouth shut

Mills of the gods

Everyone should just shut up. Anything said or done in the world gets picked up by a 24 hour cable channel and upsets about a billion people before the next day. You think maybe the Pope will watch his mouth for awhile ? One little implication that maybe the Muslims have used violence in the past in advancing the cause of their religion and suddenly half a dozen churches are burned and a nun is shot in the back. If the Pope has any kind of feelings I am sure that he will fast track that nun on up to sainthood. But if he'd taken the time to think before he spoke, none of this would have happened.

That does not excuse the violence. Do you think that perhaps there is just no such thing as irony in the Arab world ? That they don't see the irony when they respond to a charge of violence by fire bombing and shooting ? Do we have to send a freshman English teacher over there to help them understand the whole concept of irony ?

As my friend Gary Marfin explained to me years ago, "tolerance has never been the hallmark of a great religion."You don't get control over a billion souls by being a nice guy. You have got to break eggs to make an omlet and a few heads to enforce a creed. We have now had one thousand years of crusades, colonialism, wars and terrorist attacks on the part of three monotheistic religions. The fact that Yaweh started life as a Hebrew war god should never be underestimated in all of this. All three monotheistic religions still treat God as if he/she never grew up a little and got out of the war god business.

Of course the President poured salt in the wounds at the U.N. yesterday. What must other people think when they hear him speak ? He has given us such a great image world wide. Who writes his stuff ? Why can't he keep his mouth shut ?

The idea of the U.N. being a great place for debate, to air out world differences is a fraud. It is nothing but a propoganda tool for anyone who can control the machinary.And we have a large part in that failure. But we could be 100% better off if we would all just learn to keep our mouth's shut.


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