Thursday, September 14, 2006

Maddona in Space

Mills of the gods

The lower house of the Russian Duma has turned down, by an unspecified vote tally, an invitation to send Madonna into space in the year 2008. However, a Russian Space Agency spokesman have seemed to indicate that she has a solid chance of riding the rocket in 2009. The spokesman pointed out that she is in good physical and fiscal shape, the two requirements for Russian space tourists. Reportedly, it costs the tourist about $20 million to make the flight.

I don't know about you, but the idea of the Material Girl in space rocks my socks. What an opportunity to revive interest in space travel. One problem though, because of the sensitivity or the Russian Orthodox church, political leaders in Russia will not call her by the name Maddona. She has been performing over there recently, and there has been some church protest, but it has not kept people from attending the concerts.

I guess they will call her by her real name, or maybe just "hey you". I asssume that she will beam a special concert back to Russia with the option of dancing around tethered to the ship in outer space ! What a show. Of course, she will have to take a huge entourage up there to support her and the show, so we need to spend the time between now ond '09 enlarging the space station.If we do a show up there it needs to be first rate.

Of all the celebrities available, Maddonna would not be my first pick to go into space. There are a number of others I would like to see up there, preferably on Apollo 13, if it is still available.


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