Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Maybe that explains ZZ Top

Mills of the gods

Greg Weddle, a school teacher in Ephrata, Washington has vowed not to shave until Osama Bin Laden is caught.His beard has been growing for five years. During that time, despite looking like an Old Testament prophet, Weddle has landed a permanenet job as a science teacher at the middle school in Ephrata. There do not seem to be any contingencies to the story. What if Bin Laden dies without being caught ? What if Weddle needs a job where he actually has to look like a citizen in contemporary society ? What is he needs a tracheotomy and his beard gets in the way ?What if the parents of tweleve year olds in Ephrata decide that they don't want a nut case teaching science to their children (although I assume that if anyone in Ephrata cared, that would have emerged as an issue by now).

When I was a boy, I had a pair of Orange socks that I swore I would not take off until the Houston Oilers lost a football game. I wore those socks for about six hours. But if the Oilers had been a good team I was prepared to go as long as it took. I went to Jr. High School with a boy named Mark Harding whose team won the World Little League Championship. He wore the same underwear for the last couple weeks of the tournament. The media played it up as a good luck charm. When he got back to school he confided in me that he had run out of underwear and that was the only reason he wore the same pair. Maybe Weedle is just too cheap or lazy to go buy a razor. He has hit on a pretty good scam though. If the School Board members came to their collective senses and wanted to fire him, they would be accussed of being pro al Queda. So why doesn't the guy use his scam for something worthwhile. "I'm going to park in this no parking zone until Bin Laden is captured". "I'm not going to eat brussle sprouts until Bin Laden is captured. " " I am going to sit right here at this bar every night until Bin Laden is captured". It is a brilliant dodge, bullet proof to criticism, he is just using it for the wrong benefit.


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