Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Monkey see/Monkey do

Mills of the gods

I missed my morning blog yesterday because I was sending friends Monk-e-mails. This is a service my wife pointed out to me over the weekend which allows you to type in any message and forward it like e-mail to a friend. The difference in e-mail and Monk-e-mail is that instead of reading the message, your friend has the message spoken to him by a chimp. The message is spoken in either an English accent, or in your own voice.

Of all of the things yet created for the internet, this is the greatest. It towers over all other achievments made by the human being in association with computers. Never before in history has a person had the option of having messages instantly conveyed to anyone by a talking Chimp.The electronic talking chimp even challanges such scientific achiements as human flight and the automobile for technical supremacy. It possibly ranks with the discovery of fire and the first fermentation of grain into whiskey as human achievments of the first order.It truly proves that with science, all things are possible.


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