Saturday, September 23, 2006

Vampire Teeth

Mills of the gods

As I continue with my hum drum litigation practice here in Austin, New York lawyers continue to have all the fun. Sanford Rubenstein has filed suit against a New York cabbie, some New York Policemen, and the City of New York for the roughing up of his client, Stephanie Adams, Playboy's Miss November, 1992.

According to a New York Taxi & Limousine investigator (talk about your full time jobs) the rukus started over an argument about a $9.00 fair. The cabbie, a Mr Eric Darko alleges that Adams flashed her "Vampire teeth at him and threatened to shoot him". Darko, who is very quotable has said, "She thinks she's got a case but I didn't do nothing." He allegedly called 911 to report the incident. New York's finest sent over several officers who the former Playmate says, guns drawn, "threw her to the ground" and searched her purse, finally letting her go without an apology. All of this causing the usual "great pain, distress, mental shock and psychological trauma." We've all been there Stephanie.

Darko, who allegedly pushed a door into her as she tried to get out of the cab maintains "I didn't start anything with her.".Despite holding a news conference to announce the lawsuit, Ms. Adfams is quoted only as saying that it "was a nightmare" which is pretty pedestrian if she plans on getting the real money from this claim.

I was unable to find any story in the Daily News (my personal paper of record) about this major piece of litigation, but it turns out that Ms. Adams has her own blog where, for some reason, she does not seem to have mentioned the incident. She does howevrr, have an interesting essay on supporting American military with several pictures of her wearing her uncles West Point uniform top (circa 1965) where most of the buttons are undone. She asks for comments on her essay, as well as comments on how you think she looks in the West Point gray.

Interestingly, Stephanie's blog also contains a moving tribute from last February, made to the very Police Department she is now "involved" with. As she said to them in this open letter earlier this year. "You're the inner force that guides our travels and secures our domains." and "If we lived our lives through your eyes, we would all be better people". I am not quite sure what that last quote means, but it sounds very positive.

But as Stephanie says, "sometimes the toughest wars are not fought overseas." and New York's finest will; get a chance to see if that's true as they face off with Miss November in state Suopreme Court, Manhattan District.


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