Friday, October 06, 2006

Can life get better ?

Mills of the gods

No sooner do I find a study, by the Irish Medical Society , recommending that I drink of alcohol a day for my heart, than the Scripps Research Institute out in San Diego issues even better findings. It seems that the active ingredient in marijuana is more effective than any commercially marketed drug in staving off alzheimers disease. Can life get any better ? Four drinks and a joint a day, all for my health. It seems that THC is going to lead to the more effective treatment to the disease that causes memory loss, impaired decision-making ablity and diminished language and movement skills. Wait a minute.

It has been a long time since I smoked any marijuanan (honest) but there are some things I remember about it. Like its effects on me. It used to cause memory loss, impaired decision making ability and diminished language and movement skills.It may just be me (maybe because I'm stoned) but aren't the things that grass does to me the same things I want to avoid in alzheimers ? I remember once my friend and supplier Bobby Rayburn and I decided to cook some food after smoking a joint. We had a real hard time getting the meal started and then we went and sat down and forgot we were cooking. At one point I mentioned to Bobby that I thought that there was something we were supposed to do. Bobby responded with one of the classic statements of my adolesence, " Oh Wade, everything is so dumb, let's just blow it off." So we did, until we saw smoke coming from his parent's kitchen. Because of our diminished movement skills and frankly, total loss of responsibility, it took us awhile to get things under control and get the kitchen cleaned up. This is the kind of thing you always hear happening to an Alzheimer's patient. So as near as I can see, the researchers have probably not found a way to prevent alzheimers through the use of marijuana, they have just hidden the symptoms, by getting you to ingest a drug which causes the same symptoms as the disease you are trying to fight. So if you start a marijuana regimen early enough in life, no one will ever know if you have alzheimers, because your behavior will be exactly the same no matter how old you get !


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