Friday, October 13, 2006

Complexion of Jupiter worsening

Mills of the gods

Having decided that Pluto is not a planet, International Astromomers have now turned their attention to the face of Jupiter. I have been familair for a long time with the giant red spot on Jupiter. It turns out that there is another spot, although this one is smaller.A year ago this spot was white. something has inflamed it as it is now very red and getting redder. This spot, known in the science community as (I kid you not) the "little red spot" is, in all probability, like its larger name sake (the great red spot) a big storm (of what ? blood ?). Why the spots are now both red, no one knows for sure. From the images I have seen, they resemble pimples on the surface of a face.

The little red spot, also known as Oval BA is also getting smaller. Why ? Well as explained by one astronomer, think of an ice skater (I always think of that East German babe) when they spin around, if they put their hands close to their body they spin faster and faster.I am not sure quite what this scientist is telling us. Does the little red spot have hands ? Is it ice skating ? This mystery is par for the course for Jupiter. As they same astronomer went on to say "We found that Jupiter tends to do interesting things when it is behind the sun and we can't see it." Other than changing spot colors, I wonder what else Jupiter does when hidden by the sun ? You'd think Jupiter was big enough to figure it could do whatever it is going to do tight out there in the open, and not hide behind the sun. What does it have to be scared of ? Venus ? Or maybe Jupiter just has a puckish sense of humor and the next time that it emerges from behind the sun it will no longer be a giant planet but a large labrador retriever.Or maybe it's spots will now be green, or will have switched from ice skating to inline skating or even skate boarding. That Jupiter ! What a scamp. Of course, Jupiter being the largest of the planets should not be encouraging this type of horse play. All the planets get hidden behind the sun sometimes. We could end up with a whole new solar system if every planet took their place in the sky as casually as Jupiter. It starts with red spots and the next thing you know there are genuine changes in the order of the solar system. Imagine if earth suddenly started getting hotter. why there could be breaking up of the ice caps and more severe hurricanes in the Atlantic and flooding of our coastal cities. ....Nah, that could never happen.


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