Thursday, October 19, 2006

Foley Scandal comes full circle

Mills of the gods

Proving once again that all sexual scndals are in some way related, the Rev. Anthony Mercieca says he had an inappropriate two year relationship with former Congressman Mark Foley, when Foley was minor. At least he thinks he did, he does not remember. Foley( whose attorney had alluded to Priest abuse when the scandal initially broke) was unavailable for comment, as he is still cowering in a rehab center for his "alcoholism".

Father Mercieca, who was traced all the way to his exile home on the island of Gozo (geez, do they make this stuff up?) south of Sicily, said that he could not remember if he had sex with young Foley because "I was taking pills-tranquilizers. I used to take them all the time. They affected my mind a little bit."The Priest went on to say that there was one night when he was in a "drug induced stupor" that there was "an incident" but that he could not clearly remember. He does recall massaging the young(13) Foley while the boy was nude andalso remembers "skinny dipping" with the future congressman/pedophile at a a "secluded lake" in Lake Worth, Florida. He also remembers being nude in the same room with Foley on overnight trips. O.K., call me a conspiracy buff, but my guess is that something happened between the two.

Mercieca said that he and Foley became "fast friends" when he moved to Florida from Brazil (I'm betting Rio) and that they loved each other like brothers. Brothers that massage each other in the nude, anyway.This "brother" taught the young foley "some wrong things" related to sex. He sees now that the relationship was inappropriate. I guess back in the 60s, a simpler time, it was appropriate for Priests to take 13 year old boys on nude vacations on secluded lakes and teach them "wrong things"about sex. Mercieca is also quoted as saying, regarding Foley, " I wish him well, let bygones be bygones." Oh, O.K., as I noted yesterday, my motto is forgive and forget. But somehow I doubt that that's Foley's motto too.

Does all of this make any difference with regard to the collective revulsion for Foley, that even Republicans have joined in ? Well, maybe it is one of those things that explains but does not excuse.Still, it is funny how these things play out.Perhaps these Priest abuse things have lives of their own, endangering Congressional pages forty years after they occurred.Who knows what horrors were and are being perpetrated by former choir boys who managed to fall in with the wrong clerical crowd ? Makes you wonder, and maybe it explains a few things.

Noen of this is going to help the Father's career in the Catholic church. He is still an active Priest in Gozo, whaich I hasten to mention is a secluded little Island and probably perfect for the type of Jaunts that Mercieca is so good at. If I had a 13 year old Catholic boy in Gozo about now, I'd think about turning Methodist.


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