Sunday, October 01, 2006

Heal Thyself

I have been resisting the temptation to write about Congressman Foley and his I.M. binge with certain underaged male house pages. I finally caved in when I saw some of the instant messages Foley sent to one young man. ABC claims to have many of the messages , but finds them too inappropriate to publish. This from a news agency who reported the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal in stunning detail I do admit, however, that Lewinsky was not a minor when she and Bill were smoking cigars in the Oval Office and these pages apparently were.

The I.M.s that were reported are bad enough, the "what are you wearing ?" , "Wish I could slip those off" and "are you a little horny ?", while inappropriate, are not so awful that we can't discuss them. As always, Foley is in the most trouble because he helped write the law that made internet solicitation a Federal crime. It is the hypocrisy that always does them in. And because of that I am always shocked at the gall of these guys. They call press conferences and lambast perverts and demand tough new laws ands strict enforcement of any sexual deviation. All the while they are hunched over their Treo sending suicidal messages out into the ether that only a total moron would think would not some day be revealed. And now, every scandal rag in the country is chasing every little House page, boy or girl, in hopes of finding more of this. Democrts will soon be saying that this is the tip of the iceberg and that what we have here will make the Catholic Priest molestaion scandal resemble a j walking ticket. Then, sure as I am writing this, some Democrat will get caught with his pants down on the same or a similair issue.

It has been thirty years or so since Congressman Wilbur Mills went swiming in the tidal basin over by the Jefferson Memorial with his "Argentinian Firecracker". That lead to an investigation showing that at least some staff members in Washington were on the pay roll for their abilities to do what Congress spends most of it's time doing to the country. That scandal was a lot more fun, because it involved women in their 30s and 40s and not kids in their teens. It was illegal and immoral, but everyone got some good laughs out of it. Some of the secretaries ended up in Playboy magazine, the late Johnny Carson had a couple of weeks of jokes that everyone got a kick out of. It was what Bob Barker called in his scandal (with "Barker's Beauties") of a few years ago, "old fashioned hanky panky."

Sexual scandals are as old as the scriptures and as inevitable as death and taxes. If the great King David could not keep it in his pants, what in the world do you expect of a loutish Congressman from Florida ? At least Foley had the good sense to resign.


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