Friday, October 20, 2006

Mills of the gods

Mills of the gods

The outlook sure seemed rocky
for the New York Mets last night.
The score stood three to one
with but one inning left to fight.

A straggling few got up to leave
but almost all the rest,
chose to stay, with that arrogance
that beats in New Yorker breasts.

They thought if only Beltran
could come up with men on base.
Surely he would hit that ball
way up to outer space.

Valentin, Chavez and Lo Duca
came up before Beltran,
and one was a Palooka
and the others "also rans".

But Lo Duca got a free pass
and to the wonder of them all
Valentin and Chavez got off their ass,
and tore the cover off the ball.

Then the mighty New York throng
let out a fearsone yell
as if old Lucifer himself
was bringing his bat right up from hell.

For strolling right up to the plate
now cheered by every fan.
just in time for Destiny's date,
came the greatest Met: Beltran.

100 million dollars
made that walk up to the plate.
100 million dollars,
carried New York's fate.

And now young Wainwright throws a pitch
right at Beltran's head.
But the pitch dived quickly downward,
"strike one !" the umpire said.

"Get that bat up off your shoulder,
a hit beats these Cardinal hicks",
screamed those fans who wanted the Series,
just like '86.

Then rookie Wainwright, he wound up
and another curve he threw.
And Carlos stood a watching it
as the umpire cried "Strike Two !"

50,000 on their feet,
not one of those fans sat,
and each each did yell, and then repeat,
"Carlos, swing the bat !"

And now young Wainwright holds the ball
and now he lets it go
and only Carlos Beltran,
thinks the pitch is low.

And as that last pitch crossed the plate
an inch above the knee,
Beltran stood to meet his fate,
and the umpired cried, "Strike three !"

Oh out in old St. Looie,
the fans will dance and shake,
but at the Shea, in Flushing,
it looks more like a wake.

And somewhere down in Texas,
a fan gives out a shout,
"he should have never left us !"
Carlos Beltran has struck out.


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