Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Price of Promiscuity

Mills of the gods

CNN reports this morning that Scarlett Johannson claims not to be "promiscuous". She said a lot of other things in this interview that no one would care about, but her claimed lack of promiscuity made the headline.

This is the world we live in. A world where the largest and best funded news agency in the world puts out stories, front and center, that Scarlett Johannson gets tested for sexually transmitted diseases twice a year because it is part of being a "decent human being" to do so and it is "just disgusting" not to do so. Now I get an aids test now and then, in fact, I get one every time I apply for a Life Insurance policy. It has never crossed my mind to get tested twice a year. My dentist has a hard time getting me in to see him twice a year. Now I do believe that some people should be tested twice a year. People who are, oh shall be say PROMISCUOUS. People who are having unprotected sex with serial partners. Whose disgusting now Ms. Johannson ?

The interview goes on to say that " I do think that by basic instinct we are animals and we breed accordingly." Well she's right on both counts. We are mammals and our sexual reproduction techniques are essentially the same as our fellow primates. The differences are more in technique than kind. Indeed, it appears that aids rose from the "lower" primates, whom , if they had followed Ms. Johannson's advice and gotten themselves tested a couple of time a year, could have saved we "higher" primates a lot of trouble.

At any rate, Ms. Johannson strikes me as a bit paranoid. That probably happens when you are followed around by camera men 24 hours a day.She says in the interview "there seems to be some belief out there that I am sexually available." Well there probably is a belief like that down at her neighbothood aids clinic. They see her so often she probably has one of those frequent purchaser cards and gets every tenth test for free.She then goes on to say that she is "open minded about sex" but that she would not say that she is a "serial monogomist"Then she intriguingly says, "I mean, I went through periods of time when I was, ah single." It is the "ah" that you wonder about, was it an "ah" where she was pausing to think of the next word (single) ? or was it more an "ahh" or even an "uh" emphasising the word "single" in order to heavily imply that there have been times in her life when she was, ah, PROMISUOUS ?

Some days I wonder if we would be better off if North Korea just went ahead and bombed the whole lot of us.


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