Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Republicans worst nightmare

Mills of the gods

Well in a political season where Republican Congressmen are running away from George Bush, Denny Hastert, and anything resembling a teenage page, the party has finally hit rock bottom. Iron Mike Tyson is out actively campaigning for Michael Steele, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Maryland.Do you realize how far a party's fortunes have fallen when you would rather have a convicted rapist campaign for you than the President of the United States ? The circumstances of the endorsement were further dignified by having it announced at a press conference where Tyson announced that he was planning an exhibition boxing tour " for fun, and to raise money for charity". He says he "very seriously" wants to fight women boxers on the tour. Wonder if he is raising money for safe houses for battered women on this tour ?

Steele, who is the Lt. Governor of Maryland seems to be having enough trouble without this type of intervention. I have read stories indicating that this black Republican has been pelted with oreos while he was speaking, and that there is some group circulating his picture in traditional minstrel show "black face" ,proving beyond all doubt that America is a two jackass party country. Equal political opportunity for both Republicans and Democrats to sink as low as possible in attemting to gain control of both houses of Congress.

But back to Tyson. Mike says that he is not the same (bad) man. He is clearly not the same fighter, if he has to challange girls. Everyone deserves a second chance, and Mike has had about a dozen of them. So I will not stoop so low as to suggest that Democratic operatives in Maryland start wearing ear protection during the campaign. That would be a very cheap shot. The fact that Tyson once bit off an opponent's ear is no indication that he would do such a thing again, just as the fact that he once raped a woman and went to jail for it is no indication that he is some kind of a sex criminal who should have to register as such in any state he lives in. Forgive and Forget, that's my motto. If he wants to join the Republcan Party, more power to him. He and Foley will soon have a lot in common, two Republicans who have gone to jail for sex crimes.And think of him and Arnold and wrestling coach Denny Hasseret on the same bill together. A triple tag team group that could out fight, out wrestle and out bite anything that the Democrats have to offer.If we sent these three to Iraq we could get that thing straightened out pretty quick.That's been Bush's problem all along, he thinks too small. Here he has immediate access to guys who are practically super heroes and he won't use them outside of the political process. What a waste of talent.

So as we limp along toward election day, this is what American democracy has come to. This is what George demands we export to the Middle East. Do you the Arabs ever look over here and wonder what the big deal is ?


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