Friday, November 10, 2006

The Headless Father of his country

Mills of the gods

A lot of crimes make no sense. Here in Central, Texas, law enforcement agents last night arrested the 32 year old man who had allegedly raped a 90 year old woman and then set her on fire.Another young man who recently hit a jogger over the head with a hammer and dragged her to the Gulf of Mexico, before confessing, pled not guilty to the crime yesterday in a local courthouse. And up in New York, at St John the Divine Cathedral, the statute of George Washington was beheaded, a one dollar bill left in the place where the head resided.

This is not the country in which to vandalize venerable figures. I think you can get the death penalty for defacing the flag, but maybe I exagerate. Still, I would not want to be the young men (and believe me, it was young men) who cut off General Washington's head.Indeed, if they turn out to be Middle Eastern (which I very much doubt, no Middle Easterner is funny enough to think of leaving the dollar bill) they would very likely be lynched. In this country, you can let millions go homeless, millions more have no health insurance, millions more have hand guns in their homes, but you better not disrespect the idea of patriotism in any way.

As far as I can tell, this is the only country which acts like this. and by like this, I mean the same way that Muslims react when the Pope says something off color about the Prophet. Patriotism is much closer to religion here than it is to, well, patriotism. I have always been surprised that no Church of America has been created, with Flag veneration ceremonies. Oh, wait, we make kids do that every day at school.

But putting aside the patriotic issues and turning to vandalism, all you can say is, what's the deal ? Why would anyone cut the head off of any statute, or for that matter deface a subway station ? What is there in the human psyche that makes some of us want to destroy for the sake of destroying ? A couple of our windows were punched out the other night at our office. No reason, no one hates us, and if they did they would not act out in that manner.

And the vandals are not even near our biggest problems.We actually have people who rape 90 year olds and set them on fire. By the way, the 90 year old lived. She is one tough woman. It is people like her that make you feel better about the direction the human race is going.


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