Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Missed it by that much

Mills of the gods

Some people must really love their jobs. TV Land, the cable network is presenting a show of the one hundred greatest TV phrases. That means that a bunch of guys got to sit around and argue for a couple of days (maybe longer) about what the hundred best phraes were, and then got to rank them. That would have been cool. Can't you see someone getting steamed after a long session and saying that they would go to the mat over "I'm comin' Lizabeth". Beats what you and I do for a living.

I looked at the list and it amazed me that they left certain things off. How could you not have at least one of the Archie Bunker phrases, "Ding Bat" or "meat head" ? where is "Good night Chet, Good night David", ?how could any list not have Lucille Ball's famous "eewwwww" ? And in an attempt to be politically correct(which I have to admit, I understand) they left out "Winston tastes good" as well as "tastes great, less filling"and "hello der Andy". Also, where's "what's up doc ?" and endless numbers of other cartoon catch phrases ?And where in the world is "Hello Newman".Everyone loves that one. It's not a list without "Hello Newman".

All of this proves what I have known all along. I am wasting away at my present job and really should be working for TV Land. It would have been a dream to be able to argue the merits of hey HEY hey(Duane on What's Happening) vs. Fat Albert's imortal "Hey, Hey, HeyEEEEEEE". Wonder what that job pays ?


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