Thursday, December 07, 2006

Excess of Riches

Mills of the gods

I tried to do a blog yesterday, but I kept getting a message that the "blogger was experiencing problems, an engineer has been notified". It was the last part of the message that intrigued me. Do you think they got tired of getting messages from people SCRERAMING "did you call a god damned engineer ? " whenever they got the "experiencing difficulties" message. Back when television did not come through a cable, but through the sky onto an antena on your roof, there were lots of technical difficulties. The TV station would put up a sign that was either a Chief of a Native American trive, or sometimes a humorous little stick figure man examing a plug that had been pulled out of socket. Sometimes those signs would be on your screen for hours. In the days of only three TV stations that meant that 1/3 of your entertainment was gone and, often it was the only 1/3 you cared about.

I wanted to blog yesterday because there was so much to blog about. I never really decided which story to pick on, but here is a list that CNN had on their site yesterday and some comments on the headlines (I never got around to reading the story)

Taco Bell pulls onions in e-coli scare- Thank god. Finally somethjing I don't like is being pulled. Onions have been the bane of my existence since I first tasted one on a Hamburger when I was four or five. I never understood how the onion got so popular. Maybe it will turn out that all the onion fields have e-coli problems and I won't have to constantly take back food that I clearly ordered with "no onions". There was a waiter at the old El Patio restaraunt in Houston who used to love to repeat my order . "Enchiladas with no onions please" "Enchiladas with no onions...maybe". He was right.

FreshTeams join hunt for missing dad-I found out this morning that the "dad" mentioned in the headline has now been found dead. A brief headline "dad's pants found" was on some news site yesterday, but I did not check into the story. The fact that they had found his pants did not sound like good news at all. My father was always a big believer in "everyone sticking together and no one running off". I thought about that when this guy who had made a wrong turn and been stuck in a car for nine days with his family. decided to go look for help. He did not follow my dad's advice and his family was found, but not him. I would not have followed my dad's advice either, but I would have set out at least a week earlier.

Glue Problems could gum up space shuttle- Glu problems ? They glu that thing together ? What kind of a program are we running. ?All I know about the shuttle is we have flown no where except low earth orbit for a quarter of a century and managed to lose 14 people doing it.

Anti-Bush "Bat signal"ticks off neighborhood-I wish I had read this story. Did someone really come up with a search light, like the old Bat Signal and put an anti-bush picture on it ? That really sounds cool. Although even as a kid I thought that the bat signal was pretty damn low tech. That was the best Gotham city could come up with when they needed the caped crusader ? What if he was asleep ?

Oprah has lost her way, gone white, rapper says- This does not sound like a new story. It seems to me that I have seen rappers complaining about Oprah before. I don't know what the guy meant by "going white". How does one "go white" ? Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest people in the world. The only thing I have ever noticed her going is "green". But then again, I've never liked any version of Oprah so I guess I should have read the story.

Bat in Chritmas Tree bites woman- This is one I really should have read. I like the juxtaposition of a merry family evening with people popping popcorn, stringing lights and listening to Nat King Cole, when suddenly a swarm of bat take off from deep inside the branches of the Blue Spruce, knocking ornaments here and yon, and one goes directly to the mother of the house and bites her.Children panic and run around in a serpentine fashion to try to escape the rabid terrors of the night. Dad pulls out a shot gun and starts blasting, shooting instead the nativity scene by the fireplace and scattering pieces of "Three Kings" all over the fire place tools and small pile of wood.Finally, sister comes forward and beats a bat to death with a copy of the beloved "Night Before Christms" while her family cowers in the kitchen. Bet that's just how it happened.


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