Monday, December 04, 2006

Light my Fire

Mills of the gods

I was intrigued by the story coming out of Atlanta this weekend about the woman who tried to set her boyfriend's groin on fire. She managed to burn him over 50% of his body, and burn herself very badly in the process. That is the chance you take when you pour gasoline on someone's penis and light a match. I thought that this was a very odd story until I googled "set her boyfriend on fire" and found out that it is as common as any other assault. I found our about a girl in Montreal who set her boyfriends penis on fire. I found out about a Milwaukee woman who died in an attempt to set her boyfriend on fire. I found out about a Longview , Texas woman who tried to set her boyfriend on fire. it happens all the time.

The girl in Montreal used Fondue oil which was a nice touch. Gasoline, however, seems to be the preffered starter fluid for setting your boy friend ablaze. How come I have never heard of this ? CNN made a big deal out of the Atlanta story, perhaps because CNN is based in Atlanta.But these others went under my radar screen. My guess ? Male Editors.

What male in his right mind would allow bunch of stories to be spread about women lighting their boyfriends on fire ? Especially those which tartgeted the groin. We need todown plat these stories as much as possible. Ever since John Wayne Bobbitt woke up clipped a few years ago, no man has had a real good nights sleep. But setting you on fire ? I may never sleep again.


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