Friday, January 05, 2007

Mills of the gods

Cops still baffled

Ove four hundred news outlets reported the mystery rock story ,which had appeared in my blog yesterday. I am sure that untold hundreds wrote their daily blog on the subject. There has (as I predicted) not been much follow up the the story, althought the intrepid Associated Press folllowed up on its story of yesterday ("cops baffled") with a new story " Mystery object still baffles experts". The police are certainly not the only ones baffled. who are these "experts" ? A couple were named in the new story and a few more of the mystery family's neighbors got in on the press coverage.

From a legal perspective, the most importnat new fact is that the unidentified owners of the unidentified matter were told that they "own" the rock. Which under just about any legal definition of property, they clearly do. So now we know that if the object turns up for sale on e-Bay in the next couple of weeks, the New Jersey family is not a group of aliens as I suggested uesterday. It will show that they are good Americans trying to squeeze a couple of bucks out of the rock. I do have a feeling that the rock is going to have an outline of Jesus on it, which will mean that Freehold Township can become a shrine for tourist Christians.

You will recall that I mentioned my apprehension about this object yesterday. As I would have predicted, the police out there, who were supposed to be able to identify the object in 72 hours, now say that results of the testing would not be public. When pressed, the cop in charge, Lt. Robert Biungham "declined to say why". Does that send shivers up your spine or what ? We do know one new thing, magnets held near the object were attracted to it. So what is it ?

Some alleged expert, examining pictures on line is dubious about the possibility that it is a meteorite. Why ? " It doesn't look like the ones I've see. " said Alan Treiman of Houston. Well Alan, you have not seen it yet. Let's hold off judgment. A University of Tennessee prof. thinks that the mystery family could get "big bucks" for the find and advised them to also cut out the wall where the object made its mark and "sell that too."If they do get the "big bucks" every mother's son in this country will jam a magnet into a rock and try to sell it as space debris.

While it is hard to top the mystery rock story, CNN tried to this morning with a feature on a two headed calf. At least that Virginia family wants to give the two headed calf to a vet or school to be studied so that similair tragedies might never happen again. The family was advised by several people to "kill it" but to their credit, they have denclined to do so, even though it is hard to feed a two headed cow.

I find it very peculiar that a two headed calf would turn up the day after the mysterious magnetic rock like object turned up. My thought is that the two headed calf is probably an alien that was traveling on the magnetic rock and is now working its way into the agricultural system of the United States in order to destroy our food supply. This may be how mad cow disease got started. At any rate, I imagine that we won't be hearing any more about the two headed calf, now that the Men in Black suits have found out about it. All of this is creepy because these are exactly the kinds of warnings that Ceasar got before the ides of March. meteorites, deformed sacraficial animals. Maybe Pat Robertson is right. Maybe we are in for a bad time in 2007.


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