Saturday, February 10, 2007

A long time between drinks

Records here show that I have not published anything since the end of January. I have had plenty to say, and hoped to write many amusing columns over the last three weeks. As usual though, my ignorance of technology and stubborness in bending to the rules has left me out in the cold.

Sometime the last week in January I had my computer "cleaned" witrh some kind of program that apparently wipes out all the bad stuff on your computer which glums onto your hard drive while you are reviewing pornography or other evil sites. The program worked well, and it mader my computer perform much more quickly. But like all beneficial drugs, it had a side effect. I always punch the little thing on any web site which allows the site to let me in without using my password. I hate passwords. Either the one I want is taken or there is some odd combination of numbers and letters I have to use, or something that makes it impossible to recall a password. Some of my friends have a book of passwords. Do you see the irony here ? You have to have a written notebook in order to use your computer. So I just don't try to recall any passwords. And when the cleaning program wiped out whichever "cookie" it is that allowed me to get onto a site without my password, well then, I am just "shit out of luck" as we used to say back in college.

I have been trying for three weeks to get on my blog, but there is some replacement blog for my old blog that required an update. That update required that I know my user name and password.I knew neither. There was a deal that said if I had forgotten either they would send it to me. They did not.I tried to reenter the blogosphere on half a dozen occasions, only to be rebuffed in my efforts. Finally today, I did something different (I guess) and I finally was sent my old user name (which turned out to be my name without a space between the first and second names). That allowed me to have a new password ,which means that I will be able to blog on this site until I clean my hard drive again.

So I am back in the Blogger busines for awhile. I'm sorry that I missed the crazy woman astronaut and the death of Anna Nicole, two stories that rival any International incidents which have taken place since the last World War. But this is America. As we used to say in college, "more crazy shit is just around the corner".


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