Friday, February 16, 2007

New Dollar Coin a Clinker

America's paper of record, the New York Daily News, tried out the new dollar coins yeterday in the city. They met with almost universal condemnation, at least from men.Why the Daily News chose to weight their survey towards men is unknown. Women spend money too, and in my experience,spend a lot more change than men. That's because men don't carry purses, and within the purses, coin purses.John Connors of New York, occupation unknown, put it best for the male sex. "These things are too heavy. I don't want to have big baggy pants, looking like sacks." He's right about that. There was a time when men carried a lot of things in their pockets. Watches, knives, coins, and even bills. Now days no one wants anything in their pockets. Least of all coins. The odds of men going back to wearing big old pants like Fred Mertz did in " I Love Lucy" are very slim.I remember the feeling of trying to run somewhere with coins banging into my thighs.I can't imagine having four or five of these things sloshing around down there.

Glen Johnson (admitedly from the Bronx) said that the size of the new dollar is too near that of a quarter and would be conusing. He also felt that the coins would wear holes in your pocket.Connors had worried about the quarter/dollar issue too. However, his big concern was that after he had been drinking for awhile, he'd start really confusing the two coins. I don't see that that is such a big deal. The bar tender will be able to tell the difference when he takes payment.

Some of these men are like me. They get rid of all their change at the end of the day.This leads to an imnportant question. What the hell is happening to all of that change ? I bet that millions of men in America discard hundreds of dollars in change on their dresser or in a jar or bottle each year. Then they never see it again. The only place it can be going is into women's coin purses. Thus, there is a secret, underground economy worth (and I am being very conservative here) half a billion to a billion dollars controled by these women. What will happen with the dollar coin. will men discard this change also, meaning that the underground economy will grow and grow ? Or, will more dollar coins cause men to change their habits, buy those big old pants with floppy pockets, and put an end to this invisible economy which has been perpetuated by the wives and daughters of the men in this county who prefer slimmer pockets to money ? Only time will tell.But I found it very odd that no women were quoted in the Daily News story. Are they laying low on this issue to try to figure out how it will efffect their secret income sources ? You know what, America has tried the dollar coin twice and it has failed twice. Hmmmm, what does that tell you ?


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