Sunday, February 18, 2007

Shaving my head

Pop Star turned psychotic Britney Spears is reported to have flown from Florida to California to have her head shaved by a Tarzana hair stylist. CNN television reported this as a "cry for help" from the former Mouseketeer, who has recently stopped hanging out with Paris Hilton and taken up wearing underwear again. Following the hair shaving incident, Spears is reported to have been tatooed.The most intriguing part of the story is that just prior to this dramatic flight (in which she flew coach) Spears is reported to have checked in and then checked out of a rehabilitation center. Sounds like her initial thought was probably the best one. Rehab Centers are not that great, but most of them let you keep your hair.

Spears career has been sliding for awhile. She married some alleged rap guy that I never heard of and then got in trouble for driving a car around with one of her kids in her lap.
When it looked like people were going to stop paying attention to her, she started drinking with Paris Hilton so she could be assured of getting her picture taken. When even the bottomless posing she was doing for photographers was not helping her career, she hit on this self mutilation idea. Ironically, the guy she was married to has made a lot of money recently by cashing in on the fact that he got dumped. His career appears to be on the upswing and he is probably getting all kinds of congratulatory calls from people who realize that he got out while the getting was good. That is before Britney started auditioning for a revival of "The King & I".

It is a terrible thing to say, but does anyone not believe that this will have a bad ending ? I mean it has got Anna Nicloe written all over it. Shaving your head is just about the last thing you can do after divorce, rehab and pantylessness. Someone needs to grab those kids and get them to someone more stable, like her ex. God, he is married to the only woman in the United States that he could beat in a custody battle. At his point, you'd set those kids up at Neverland Ranch before you turned them back to Lex Luther. At least the'd get some decent care from that Chimp who lives with the Moonwalking Pedophile.

On a personal note, I was sorry to see that shaved heads are now being used as manifestations of mental instability. If mine flairs up, I dread shaving my head. My head seems to come to a point in the middle of the cranium. This made it difficult for me to compete in eraser tag while in school. I don't want to look any stranger than I already do. I think I am just going to go straight to the tatoo.


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