Monday, March 12, 2007

The Israeli Forgien Service

One of the top jobs in Israel is a gig with the Forgien Service. To begin with, it gets you out of a country that is about as dangerous as any country that ever existed. One where a bomb could go off on any street that you happen to walk down. Two, it is apparently really just one giant swingers club. After several embarrasing incidents over the past few years, another Israeli Ambassador has found a new way to get the sack.This one may be the most creative of all. Tsurei Raphael has been recalled from his post as Israeli Ambassador to El Salvaador after he was found drunk, bound, gagged and nude in the front yard of his residence. Several "sex toys" were attached to his body. El Salvador sources report that when he was ungagged he immediatly proclaimed, "I am the Ambassaor to Israel ! " For his career's sake, he might have wanted to keep that quiet. But then again, he was drunk. For some unknown reason, Ambassador raphael refused to prefer charges against anyone, and Israel spokesman said that "no law was broken"so I guess it is just a couple of consenting adults having a good time down in the tropics.

Despite the fact that the Ambasador stayed within the letter of the law, and I presume that by law, we are talking about the El Salvadorian Criminal Code, and not the Ten Commandments, Israel chose to recall him because of activities, in their words, that exhibited "behavior not becoming of a diplomat. " Unless you happen to be the Ambassador from Sodom and Gommorah, that is probably true. But really, it is behavior not all that unbecoming for an Isreali Ambassador. Those fellows know how to let the good times roll !It had not been that long since the ambassador from Israel to France died of a heart attack under circumstances Israel found it better not to publicize.,i.e., he was having sex with a woman who was not his wife. Now that can happen to anyone who gets posted to France. It just comes with the territory. But how about the fellow that was dismissed for posting nude pictures of Brazilian women on the internet ? I guess he bllamed it on Rio, but that cost the guy a chance to be Ambassador to Australia. Of course the previous ambassador to Australia had distinguished himself (and gotten recalled) by telling theAussies that they needed to stick together with the Israelis because, "We both live in the Southern Hemisphere, but do not have yellow skin or slanted eyes. " That little gem got the fellow a quick one way ticket back to Jerusalem.

Maybe it is time for Isreal to take a look at the training going on in their Schools for Forgien Service.Which I assume takes place at the "Chicken Ranch" in Nevada. They have enough problems, as a nation, to keep them busy for a good long time. I don't see that they help themselves much with their folks tied up in their own front yards with sex toys attached to them.Even in El Salvador.


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