Friday, March 16, 2007

Seven Herbs and spices

The President of Gambia says that his ancestors came to him in a dream and told him a cure for AIDS using seven different "herbs and spices". Since that time, Gambia has set up a test program and has kicked out at least one non-Gambian doctor who urged people to keep taking the anti-virul regime that the west is providing. I don't know if this Colonel Jammeh, a high school graduate with no formal medical training has foud a cure or not. I am troubled by the fact that they are dispensing the concoction out of old plastic syrup bottles, but that's my hang up, I guess. There is no reason to believe that any longering chemicals from Mrs Butterworth (or is it Ms ?) would dilute the seven herbs and spices to any appreciable degree. And the same goes for Aunt Jemimah and that Log Cabin. Hell, maybe it is the maple in the bottles that is doing the trick.

As with all stories of this type, and this includes stories about Virgin Mary appearances on walls or flat breads, there are already a bunch of folks claimming to be cured. One guy has gained 40 pounds and gotten much stronger. One child has stopped vomiting all together. Who am I to say that Jammeh's ancestors don't know what they are talking about ? I guess I'm a little skeptical only because I know that my ancestors could never come to me in a dream with such valuable information. I can hear my Uncle Earl telling me not to hit on 17, or my Uncle Clifford advising me not to mix my gin with my rye. Maybe my Grandfather telling me to vote Republican and dump the Pepsi stock, but not one of them would have a clue as to how to cure AIDS, or really much else of any scientific importance. That is not their fault.AIDs emerged from Africa and Jammeh's ancestors are reputed to have been great African healers. They are going to know a lot about natural remedies and not as much as my Uncle Regal knew about how to under pay Federal Income Tax for a closely held electronics store.

I never underestimate dreams. The great country song Ring of Fire was written by Johnny Cash with the help of a dream. Lincoln relied on and believed in dreams. The Pharohs of Egypt as well as other ancient rulers ran their empires, in part, on dreams and dream interpretation. I once dreamed that I met Gene Autry.I also have dreamed well over 500 times that I have a final exam coming up the next day in a class that I forgot that I was registered for. While neither of those dreams came true, that does not mean that all dreams are worthless. Twain thought that the entire universe was all just one bad dream. He felt that it was the only possible way to explain such an absurdity. How can anyone argue with that type of logic ? Miracles happen every day. Why just this morning a chimp, at a Chimp Haven, a chimp retirement home, (Conan) who had been given a vesectomy by a reputable vet. was identified, through a paternity test, as the father of a newly born chimp. Miracle ? Sounds like one to me. As I type this, 15 seed A&M -Corpus Christi is ahead of 2 seed Wisconsin. If that holds up would it be a miracle ? Damn straight it would be. And somewhere, someone dreamed last night that it would happen. Probably the descendants of Jimmy the Greek were come to in a dream by the old Greek himself with the inside information. There is more to heaven and earth than exists in your philosophy Horatio. Yours too Conan. Somebody give that monkey a cigar.


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