Thursday, March 01, 2007

Trans Rats, not Trans Fats are the problem

New York City, attempting to become the oasis of the restaraunt world by banning transfats is having a more basic problem.The New York Daily News, my personal paper of record reports that a day after a the health deapartment gave it the O.K., a "nauseating number of rats were found skittering across counters, floors and tabletops" at a KFC/Pizza Hut. I don't know how many rats "skittering around" it takes to get one nauseated. Here in this part of the country, probably very few. I am lead to believe that this Greenwhich Village nausea was caused by a considerable number of the possibly plauge carrying rodents. It was as if Colonel Sanders himself had slipped on the Pied Piper uniform and lead the big bastards through the streets and into the kitchen to mix with the eleven herbs and spices.

I don't want to get too uppity about this, one man's nausea is another man's banquet. Rats are eaten raw in North Korea and dined on in fine establishments in Thailand. Indeed the sheer number of rats reported at this KFC leads one to believe that the old Colonel night have been substituting them for drum sticks in some buckets. Remember that old urban myth ?The company at issue, Yum Foods, who owns just a whole lot of KFC's and Pizza Huts has closed a number of them this morning in an attempt to clear out other little trouble makers in the Big Apple. A Yum executive named Emil Brolick is quoted as saying that there at Yum, they will "not compromise on their food quality". Hell, if you own Pizza Huts how much more can you compromise yourself on food quality ? Rats are a step up from about half the toppings on what they serve there.

The biggest laugh is on the NYC health inspectors who missed, according to Newsday, 76 rat droppings in their inspection the day before the KFC/Pizza Hut rats began their skittering spree. Rat droppings are small, I can see missing one or two, maybe half a dozen, but how the hell do you miss 76 rat droppings on one KFC floor ? Actually, and amazingly, the guilty restaraunt was never closed, even after the rats were found. NYC ordered that they clean their utensils and bring in exterminators, but did not order them closed. So I guess, it is also OK with the health department up there for people to eat in a place that is being exterminated. What would you have to do to shut down a place up there ? Oh yeah, get caught serving trans fats.


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