Thursday, March 29, 2007

Trump meets mis match

Donald Trump is finally hanging out with someone who is in his class as far as being an arrogant ass is concerned. Vince McMahon. I don't know a lot about Vince except that he makes his living promoting fake sporting events on television and tried to start a Pro Football league for NASCAR fans a few years back. I have never watched any of his wrestling shows because they are simply too loud and undignified. Wrestling, when it was local, and the World Champion's covered about the same area as a congressional district, was a lot of fun. The great Paul Bosch of Houston matched gladiators for many years at the Sam Houston Coloseum and my brother and I used to watch every Friday night on Channel 13. Irish Danny McShane, Wild Bull Curry. Professor Malenko and the immortal Wahoo McDaniel were great and colorful wrestlers. Every six months or so Lou These, the world champion, would come to town and wrestle big Ernie Ladd and Ernie would always lose. The prelims were full of midgits, tag teams, Texas death matches in a cage and my personal favorite, the Battle Royale, in which about a dozen guys threw each other out of the ring until only one was left.

Then this guy Vince came along and nationalized wrestling. He turned it into a very, very loud sporting experience with his piped in rock music and national cable T.V. contracts. The wrestling experience created by Vince has now spilled over into virtually every sporting event, Pro Basketball being the most influenced,with its loud rock at every time out. So you could argue that Vince not only ruined wrestling, but all sports.Now he is matched with a guy even he can't ruin. Donald Trump.

Of all the despicable garbage that a booming United States economy has washed on shore over the past quarter century, few can match Trump, and none can top him. This jack ass that owns the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban I think his name is, places a respectable second. Anyway, Trump and Vince have a fued over who the first one was to use the catch phrase "you're fired". Can you believe that ? People have been saying "you're fired" since the first caveman showed incompetence on a wooly mammoth hunt and was sent home by the head Og. But these two jerk offs each think that they invented the phrase. By the way, if anyone asks, I'm the guy that invented the phrase "let's eat" and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Not content to have this fight, Vince and Trump have now arranged a wrestling match in which they will each have a champion (no, they won't wrestle each other) and the loser has to have his head shaved. Trump says that he only agreed to go along with this because Vince is putting up a lot of money for charity. Possibly the Donald Trump Home for Wayward Girls. Another reason that he is doing this, and you can bet the farm on this, is that Vince promised him that his champion would take the fall and that he, Vince, would get his head shaved.That's one of the great things about wrestling. A number of people know who the winner is going to be before the match starts. Now the wrestlers all work for Vince, so I suppose that a switcheroo is not impossible, but I'm betting that Vince would not want Trump saying that the match was rigged. There may still be some poor schnook, somwewhere in America, who believes that this stuff is real.

So stay tuned. It might not be Ali v. Frazier, but it is as close to it as we get in America these days.


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