Thursday, March 08, 2007

Vegetarian Barbeque

A well known vegetarian reataraunt in these parts burned down last night. As it was being investigated early this morning a homeless man wandered over and asked whether he had caused the fire. Turns out the homeless fellow had some "steaks on his grill"on the premises and fell asleep. The ensuing blaze did not harm him in any way, but the esatblishment upon which he was tresspassing and cooking,mostly burned to the ground. The newspaper reports that he was contrite and, much to my surprise, the police have said that no crime was committeed ? Huh ? A kid in the same town was charged with Arson just last week when a fire he set burning up his nintendo game got out of hand. I know that the homeless guy did not mean to burn down the restaraunt, but, like the boy, he did mean to set a fire. He set a fire on property he did not own. This should at least be criminal tresspass or malicious mischief or one of those catch all crimes that we use to throw the homless in jail, shouldn't it ?

And the damn news story leaves more questions than it answers. The homeless guy has no place to live, but owns his own BBQ grill. Does he push it around all day ? Where the hell did he get the money for the steaks ? I mean, if he had money for steaks he could have bought some food (maybe even at the place he burned down) and saved a lot of trouble for everyone. And doesn't it strike you as a bit odd that it was a vegetarian place that burned down from the BBQ ? It almost sounds like a political statement.

Now the gritty little restaruant, whose kitchen was the only thing not burned down, says it is going to put up some tents and start slinging the tofu again, before the end of the week. Would you eat vegetables in a tent on a busy street ? I guess they feel they have a duty to their customer base to keep feeding them. Otherwise the customers may turnnback to beef. Maybe even out door cooking, and you know how dangerous that is.


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