Friday, March 02, 2007

Will we always have Paris ?

The Associated Press admitted today that it had put a news black out on Paris Hilton over the previous seven days, and no one cared. Indeed, once word of the blackout leaked out, they received congratulations from all around the world. I find the whole thing a bit hypocritical for two reasons. First, the AP is partially reponsible for creating her as a character to write about. It is somewhat like Dr Frankenstein saying that he is going to take a week off from monsters after he has let his creation out into the world.

Second, no one wrote about Paris last week any way because they were all writing about Anna Nicole Smith. So whatever newsprint went unwasted from the Hilton blackout was more than made up for by the Smith feeding frenzy (admit it, you can't wait to get the funeral details).I bet Paris intentionally did nothing newsworthy last week so as to not get in the way of the Smith story, in all its glory. Paris was raised by a refined family (her mom was raised by Mr French for God's sake) and they would have taught her not to try to stand out while the world was grieving over the Smith loss, and entranced by the fight over her soon to be month old corpse.

But I don't want to be too hard on the A.P. Merely because it was a small favor, does not mean that it was not a favor. Seven days without Paris is still a remarkable achievement and I wish it could be extended to other news outlets, especially the internet and television. But the AP's real problem is that they think to small. I have put together a list that I wish they would consider a permanent black out for.

1. Stories about Alan Greenspan- This RETIRED chairman of the FED makes one casual remark in Hong Kong about the American Economy and the next day the Dow loses 400 points. Leave the guy alone, for all our retirement's sake.

2.Stories about children hicoughing for more than five weeks. All this did was draw attention to the kid making it harder for her to stop

3.Stories about that Elvis looking guy who runs North Korea- This guy just acts out for the press.If we had ignored him, the whole country of North Korea would have starved to death by now and there would be no one left to make a nuclear weapn.

4. Stories about the 2008 Presidential election-These candidates are enough to make any American voter sick at his/her stomach. They will be just as nauseating in 2008, why can't the press wait until then to put us through all of this.

5. Stories about polygamy and incest. They are too yucky to consider and yet CNN has stories about both topics among their top five news items of the day on their site. A polite country like ours used to sweep these stories under the rug so that, as a nation, we could get through the day without a slimey feeling. Not everything needs to see the light of day.

These are just a sample of what I would like to see blacked out. Not censored mind you, blacked out by the news agencies themselves as a public service to their consumers. Is it time for Anna's funeral yet ?


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