Friday, April 20, 2007

The ass in the courtroom

Buddy the donkey was brought into a court in Dallas yesterday, not as a witness, as the news is describing him,but as an exhibit. Two Dallas millionaires are suing each other for assault, in a dispute that originated over one guy building a structure too near the other guy's property line. I have the names of both parties, but I see no reason to highlight their idiocy. They are, after all fellow Texans. apparently, after the two duked it out on one of the front porches, the neighbor who had built too close, went out and bought himself a donkey, the afore mentioned Buddy Allegedly so that it would bray all night and keep the offended millionaire from getting any sleep. A lawsuit was brought against the owner of Buddy to have him declared a nuisance. Buddy's owner brought Buddy into court to try to prove that he was not a nuisance.

Now it is true that this is a tale of two jerks with too much money on their hands. But I like the idea of buying a donkey to get even with a neighbor who has smacked you around. One of my partners used to live next door to a family who owned a constantly barking dog which prevented him from sleeping (my partner, not the dog, although apparently the dog did not sleep much either). In order to give the neighbor an idea of what he was going through, he had a machine that emitted a high pitch sound, that only a dog could hear, installed by his side door. Then he turned it on, and all the way up. He did this as he was leaving for two weeks in London. While mildly amusing, I suppose that that was cruel to the dog. This buying a donkey does not strike me as cruel. The guy had a big back yard with lots of grass. I doubt that he made the donkey carry things around for him. All in all a pretty nice life for a jack ass. I don't know how Buddy's owner ,himself ,slept during the braying, but sometimes anger wells up so much inside you that you will take any abuse if the other guy suffers.

Kind of like the story of the two shop keepers in ancient Jerusalem. They felt toward each other like these two Dallas pricks did. All they wanted to do was see the other suffer and ruined. One day an Angel of the Lord came to one of them and said that God had decided to grant him anything, anything in the world. The only catch was that whatever he wished for, his enemy would get double ! The man agonized and thought of all of the things he could use to make his life wonderful. Then he thought of his enemy being twice as happy. So he turned to the angel and said, "I wish to be struck blind in one eye". That's an issue that we all have to face up to in life. So to all of you,this blessing, as you ascend the mountain of sucess, may your friends not already be on the mountain top to greet you. Hee-Haw and Merry Christmas


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